I have had some different experiences that feel like two different but similar things. I (sometimes) when I am sleeping feel like I am traveling though the house, but it feels like I am projecting myself consciously through the house. It feels almost erie like, is that astral travel? Are they both the same?


Then there was this dream where I was walking down a hall full of boxes. I turned around and went the other direction without thinking. I moved a black curtain aside and stepped into a room with hardwood floors. There was a man and a woman having a private conversation. I will not repeat it cause it is innappropriate. The man reached down to grab the door knob and I woke up. I have read about people crossing over to the other side by a bridge, tunnel or road, and they go to the other side. I was wondering where I would have gone if I had kept going down that tunnel. Would I have gone to the other side?



Is astral travel when I am traveling with my consciousness through somewhere, while OBE is fully leaving the body. It seems like so many of these things are closely related. Remote viewing, bi-locating seem almost very similar. OBE and projection seem almost the same? What is astral travel exactly?


thank you,ttt

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  • Here is the Playlist for the Bardo Thodol--- Liberation upon hearing in the pardos.
    What are Pardos?
    pardos are gaps. Between each thought there is always a gap. Sometimes they come very quickly but there is always in the space a choice.
    Which do you prefer ?
    truth or ignorance?
    Its up to you....
    No one can make that choice for you---
    Its your baby fly your own airplane.....

    • The Nazis discovered that Antarctica was none other than flash frozen Atlantis after they consulted with Tibetan esoteric buddhists. From their Neuschwabenland Base 211, they retro-engineered the rune covered vimanas and created their own Nazi Bell, Haunebu, Vril, Flugelrads, Silver Bugs, etc. that eventually lead to 4th Reich modern vimanas like the TR-3B Astra of today. After the USA took over the program during Operation Highjump and moving all the Nazi occultists/scientists/war criminals to America via Operation Paperclip, they now work on these evil projects in D.U.M.B.s like Area 51 and S-4 along with the returned Grigori/Watchers/Igigi pretending to be "grey aliens".


  • The question really is where the Hell am I?
    and what am I ?
    You are the consciousness within the body. When you are in the body you experience the world through the 5 senses.
    Every movement every experience is a projection of the nature of your own mind. Your consciousness is teathered by what is called "the silver cord" to the sixth chakra located between your two eyes.
    When you were in the womb of your mother you were tethered to your mother by the umbilical cord.
    You grew and grew and suddenly you are forced out into a universe. You stay here for a while and gain experiences.
    The umbilical cord is severed and no more can you crawl back into the womb of your mother.
    When you "die " to this present world , the cord to your third eye is severed and no more can you crawl back into the consciousness of your physical body. Then you must face a choice---
    shall you find another body and be attracted to another womb and go inside another form?
    or Shall you progress to a more subtle existence in your light body or the Merkaba ?


    The physical body is how you are tied into the physical plane of continuous creation and dissolution at last. This is going on perpetually here just like seasonal changes.
    However information is available in the sacred books of the east sometimes called Vedas ( Knowledge)
    That there is another sky which is not repeatedly destroyed.
    The physical body is not you just like when you drive a car -- you are not a car. You are the driver and the body is a vehicle. The merkaba is also a vehicle -- and it is made of light energy and not physical matter. But is is still a vehicle.
    A way of self expression.
    Every time you have your dream you are projecting. All those experiences happen in what is called the astral plane -- plane of desire.
    The transition from wakefullness to sleep and back can be quite shocking and you won't remember the transition at first very easily. With practise you will be more alert and be able to carry some recollection of various experiences.
    But all the visions you are having in wakefullness and in dream are merely projections of your own mind.

  • Everybody astral travels yet not all are awareof it. OBE is very much the same .... however OBE is like manifesting the recall of what happened after one wakes ... thus - OUT of BODY ..."EXPERIENCE" which is just what it is.  the feeling of experiencing it and being able to talk of the experience when one returns fully into th vehicle/physical body. In my recalls ... astral travel is like stepping out firther than one's basic surroundingsetc. I have travelled out and "consciously" experienced seeing 6 moons and knew it at the time I was travelling. When I came back I could not fully enter my body. It felt like I had been sucked of all space between my physical body and some kind of plastic stuck tight to me. It was like I was boxed in and could not move one way or another. I was in pannic mode-yet eventually I just gave into whtever I was fighting and I fell into my body fully and woke up immediately. I wrote down the whole experience. So, I sense it is just what it is ... go with it and enjoy the wonderful ride.

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