Is This Possible in Astral Travel?

I'm not sure, if these events were Astral or just a series of dreams that triggered each other. Is it possible with Astral that, you have a second life, like you can live in a totally different city and do things like how you would normally do things even have normal relationships even marrying and such? There was a period in my life, where every night, I went to sleep, I would end up in the Middle East and live out a normal like life there, nothing was out of place, and it was not like a dream. I can remember it very clearly even now or get a vision of it. I even had a job and married. Then after something happened to my spouse there, I had moved to Paris in the second life. All of a sudden, I stopped being able to go back there every night, even though I tried all sorts of meditations or even thinking hard enough on it during the day, perhaps if it was a dream it would return. I have had elements of that life come back but for only a short amount of time or even as just visions as I do something similar in this life. I don't think that I am reliving a past life cause the elements were the same as it was when I had experienced it in my second life. The same leaders were in power and the news was all the same. I don't know if this is Astral or perhaps just a series of dreams set off by the last one or perhaps just my sub conscience seeping into the series of dreams. Any thoughts?

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  • I've only heard of this by one other person..she had this alternate life, where she had one less child, I think everything was basically the same in the alternate life. Star Trek has an episode where the captain lives an entire life on another planet in 20 minute coma.

    I could suggest, the other person is a part of your group soul, wherein the members are so close that we are truly in spirit one with the entire group soul, which share dna, and soul essence. also heard a soul can split itself into two lives as well in the same time period but removed incarnate on the planet in order to stretch itself and gain more earth experiences, then you would be getting a bleed through of this other life, as it is you, but in another body, and most often we are not supposed to be able to come into contact with these other selves until ascension or death. we sometimes call these others soul mates, of either gender, they can be. if they were to actually meet, I heard there would be a barriar between the two, like a force field which prevents contact, because we need to fulfill our missions before rejoining our group soul.
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