Welcome Commanders to a group devoted to the Ashtar Command Global TV Network.This is a place to share program ideas and be creative.This is the first live network of the Ashtar Command on Earth.Blessings Love and Light to all.
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  • dear Cmdr,thankyou for the invitation,love,light,blessings eve.

  • Greetings Group Members,

    The Ashtar Global TV Network nows provides to our viewers live and recorded programs that I am producing on behalf of the Ashtar Command off Planet.


  • Greetings all,

    Ashtar Global Tv Network will be making some changes to bring more live broadcasts from the Command perspective.

    Stay tuned.

    Blessings Love and Light to all,


  • Another point. I listened to the Ashtar Global TV Network and we can barely hear what he says.

    Happy Holiday and Happy New Year


    Alexander Comtois StarWalker

    Light Master




  • I salut you all


    I am gladfull of all the changes happening so far! I can bring you ideas and project wich I started a while ago. I am a member of the GFL for many years now and I would like to talk to you about the suggestion that made Cmdr Sheran.I started on Facebook the University of Light and recruiting some Light Workers and Light Masters who would like to starte teachings and guiding all the ones staying on Earth but won't know about all the theorical and dynamics of the ascension wich Gaïa is going throught. I received confirmation of some radio Time about LightWorking at a Net Radio Sation in Houston where we could start inform people about the University of Light. You can go on FaceBook typing University of Light to see all the courses offered and is open to new ideas. Before we start building a complex we were thinking about making Interactive Live courses with the people around the globe on the Internet TV network. And so eventualy building a complex with a Temple not to far for the LightWorking Ceremonies. Not to far from where I am the is a city called Ascension! Funny!  So coïncidently I found your network and I was wondering if their would be a possibilty to put a section for some Air Time on an a build up stage for some structured teaching? Or brain storming on the possibilties that could be offered?


    You can watch my Profil to see a little bit of who I am and on Facebook as well!


    I send you Peace Love Light and Prosperity





  • Coming soon to Ashtar Command Global Tv Network all live and recorded shows with CmdrAleon replacing the taped documentaries now airing.

    This will get the Network listed on livestream reaching a bigger audience.


  • Lord Sananda we are doing our best effort for the well being
    of this planet. Forgive us for our errors.
  • Photobucket

    Thanks Aleon for your Love and light broadcast ! That the highest choices and truths may transpire on this Earth and its people³ ...
  • Greetings Brothers and Sisters,
    I have just added my Ashtar Command Global Tv Network to the group I started here awhile ago.
    Plans are for live messages from Ashtar Command also know as Ashtar Galactic Command.
    Blessings Love and Light
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