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  • Hi, here is Andromedan attunements, I have got it and I can recommend it



    Andromedan Attunements, Andromeda, Activations
    Andromedan Attunements, Andromeda, Activations, Workshops, Starseeds.
  • I am interested in learning more about Bootes and Andromeda in general. I remember a place I believe was my home with indoor streams and waters. Crystal-like structures and a people so loving and welcoming.  I feel a fuzziness in my awareness and I would love to see more clearly. I am not as adept to going there yet, as I would like. Any suggestions? With Love & LIght, Hildegard

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    Greeting from Andromeda and from Mirach!

  • Nice to re-meet you Matthew. :)

    Greetings, Love.



  • In the phoenetic spelling as it sounds,......

    Zat'l Katea,,,,..


    Greetings from Andromeda,..

    In the Alliance and in the Collective of System Soveriegns they has allways been a far reaching hand towards Earth. I have personally been in contact with my family in Andromeda for all of my life here. I incarnated into being here in 1968 since then I have learned alot of your people and to the spirit of which you and we are.  In the those early years I realized I as a human was very different having a memory of so much more than I was. I knew of my times when I was taken up to the ships in Physical form and taught by a elder named Granfanda.

    He as well as Alhora from a neighboring systen on Kantara have been my teachers about my real purpose and being here on this planet for which has been my now current home.

    I understand there is much speculation and hard to believe ideology of what I write but nonetheless it is my own account and record of the massive truths and visions I have been given and was to share with others as time turned towards the new and end cycles for which we are now all in ..


    I do not expect most to understand me nor to accept my thoughts with open arms but, i allready knew that... I only wish to share light love and what I was told was coming and to the beauty that awaits those who awaken to the new possibilities in the next cycle of life for which is not just a Earth issue but a Universal issue that affects all life in every universe of time and space....

    The cosmic cycle effectually is not just a one point microcosm but a multiple point macrocosm of life renewing itself on a genetic level through deepened understanding and spiritual progression through activation of the power circuits of attainment  for which will alter ones consciousness into a realm of higher functional capacities. .. a sevenfold principle of interdimensional philosohy with a grandeur of magnanomous proportions throughout all time and space...
    We are half way there in some aspects but dragging in caveman status in others. and that is okay too...  we will all ascend as we awaken and understand as a collective eventually.. 

    Andromedans are not any more perfect nor is any other race of beings ascentient in life we all struggle achieve and grow eventually die and are reborn somewhere else to learn again. this cycle is universal not just earth.

    My friends we are all interdimensional Universal Beings of great light we only have to remember and live the ways we know are as we should in harmonizing with each other and to the universe.

    Beings everywhere are right at this moment doing and being just as what has been written by astral masters as doctrine of life ascending evolving unto the creators plan for all of creation with a balance for positive with negative to experience and appreciate life without taking it for granted.. Its a privledge to be here and share with you all one for which Iam very greatfull to my teachers and masters in my home in Astral and on Aviona on my home world from which I originate from.. 

    Fear not the unknown but embrace it and live as best you can for we all will and are ascending right now as we assist each other into the light...

    Brighten and illuminate the darkened corners of with not with bombs but with a candle of hope and a smile of peace extended to all...

    we can overcome the evil of this planet and balance the power just by being the gifts we are to all we are passing in life by share learn grow evolve ascend its just that simple.


    Andromeda yes a galaxy far away but close at heart for many as are so many places throughout the universes..

    I hope to see you all soon as we venture aboard the great light ships coming this year.
    Got Coordinates  of the portals ... YET...   I have some of there landing sites logged and found on earth...

    Lots to do and more to share  again another day

    be well and remember 

    Love each other

  • Ancient ..
    ( Sometimes .. they forget .. - as teenagers ) That ..



    16000 &! 8000 . .. & ( up until ) 4200 years ago

    ..'the grass was florescent green' And 'Andromedas highest whales swam freely'
    Not only in Northern Africa - but everywhere .. - -

    ( Ashtar impersonating 'Dumbledore' to a ( very smart ) *StarChild* :
    We don't talk about .. 6800 years ago .. ( And the optimal expected outcome of That *Collective intention*1 - - ; )

  • AM (All I know) Already God.. As and individual & as a collective of souls.. :)

    ..Couldn't find the long version - in One minute :o) Tired..
  • sorry; i left out that i feel somewhat different since meeting this person.

    i feel him and i physically connected; even though we didn't. i often experiment on the astral plane and i feel that when i do this; it is him just about every time. he is the most loving and beautiful man i have ever seen. i love him so much and i know he is there for me. Hes' so beautiful; he was so gentle and i love him 'I'm crying; butthats' ok. Pisces do that quite a bit.

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The Andromedans

AndromedansMember Name: Andromedan Star Nations.Accepted into the Galactic Federation: Approximately 3.5 million years ago.Location: The Constellation of Andromeda.Distance From Earth: Approximately 150 to over 4,000 Light Years.Life Form Type: Humanoid.Physical Appearance: Humanoids similar in appearance to Earth humans.Physical Appearance: Humanoids similar in appearance to Earth humans. They usually wear the traditional multicolored Galactic Federation jump suits. Andromedans consist of two…

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Arc of the Covenant

(Arc Auto-pilot Emergency Override System)(Arc Gates - Arc Zone) The Arc of the Covenant is a Time Portal passage between Earth and the Andromeda galaxy that was created 840,000 years ago by Guardian Races.The Arc of the Covenant, part of the Kristiac Network, is also Known as the Arc Auto-pilot Emergency Override Mechanism.It was used to store and protect the Sphere of Amenti until the Sphere could be returned to Earth's core.The Arc allowed the Sphere of Amenti to descend from Andromeda when…

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