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  • I like what Holly has to say from the pov of "only 1/2 of 1% of the people (collective world) have to awaken to cause the shift which equals the new world that is desired.
    I'll throw in my belief to that, to say resistance to truth (what is eternal and stands outside of linear time concepts) this resistance to truth only speeds up the advent of the actualization of a new world unfolding.
    In other words it was said resist not evil. for if you do, you make it real.

    what happens to the awakened individual is that evil is seen as not real, as when a light bulb displaces darkness. as sun displaces night. now, if you don't believe in evil, instead, you may substitute evil for the word extreme selfishness, or this duality world where opposites seem to coexist. In the awakened mind which will come, it is a non-duality state of being which looks to eternal values and sees the fake world replaced by what is eternal, our immortality.
    Purification, as mentioned below, of our world, I see as an individual affair which catches on like wild fire, if it can be seen as not something fearful, or to be avoided.

    the images we see in our world we see with our retina which is like a camera lens, with our minds we project these images. singly, we make our personal world by how we interpret those images we see, so we have this choice factor how we shall interpret what we see.
    yet by interpreting together, as in collective, we start to understand why a single individual does have power to actually change the world, then I refer back to Holly's point of 1/2 of 1% being accomplishing, and looking at the 100% monkey theory, we can understand the children born now will automatically be higher evolved spiritually than the parents.
    As you could say the children, most I suspect in their 20's now will lead the shift, but I don't see everything happening at once on a certain day.

    in awakening there is only the now moment, where we choose to see love or choose to see fear. we have no other choices while being alive here. we actually create a heaven on earth by our choice between love or fearful considerations.
    The time is now, to sum up, and not wait for 2012 to do something for us, the time is now to realize we are free spirits and being aided considerably to fully realize our freedom from dark thoughts.
  • If you want genuine information about The Great Shift in Consciousness, check out www,kirael.com. Master Guide Kirael, channeled through Kahu Fred Sterling, is the Guardian of the Great Shift, which is the single most important event in Human history. As more and more of us choose love over fear, Humanity will ascend to a new dimension, even while standing on Mother Earth. The "end of times" date that was predicted by the Mayans and Nostradamus is 2012, but the actual date of The Shift is actually non-linear because it is driven by the collective consciousness of Humanity. Only 1/2 of 1% of people have to awaken to bring The Shift into manifestation. We are actually in the shifting energy now, and have been for several years. It is up to US to choose to live in our heart energy and to radiate that out to the Universe, which can create a healing space for others to choose love as well.

    Other beautiful sources for information on the Great Shift are: www.kryon.com, http://www.thepeacefulplanet.com/, and http://www.lightworker.com/.

    BE the Love that you are!

  • Jag tror inte det händer något drastiskt 2012, jag tror det blir en energiförhöjnng för de människor som vet, som tror på, som kan förstå den andliga biten. Tror inte jorden rämnar eller förgörs på något sätt.
  • The poor Bible. As of 325 the Nicean Council decided to standardize and pocketsize it. Of the 30 original gospels only the most popular/ user friendly ones made the cut (Mark, Matthew, Luke and John). If you had a "bible" that included all it used to, you'd need a wheel barrow to carry it around.
    This Nicean council, represents Emporer Constantine, represents the Holy Roman empire, which reincarnated as the Roman Catholic Church, which is responsible for the Dark Ages, the Inquisition, repression of science, Shamanistic genocides around the world, etc. Perhaps their actions would have been more holy if they had more sacred texts and less Agendae?
    Like Enlil said, these texts are available to us now without reproach. Use them. They will help you personally evolve. You can even step outside Christianity these days and no one will burn you at the stake. try the Emerald tablets, Corpus Hermeticum, Kybalion, Nag Hammadi.
  • Survey: Who thinks there will be a "Purification" , who thinks there won't be?
  • Our souls are eternal, sure, but time is ruthless to the physical. We take care of the Earth, not just for our children, but also for our own benefit. Who wants to be re-incarnated into a shithole? As it is right now we are all paying the price for attempted violations of Universal Laws in past lives.
  • Oh no wait.Sry guys.I thought elder ment 10 generations as in a century or so. <:)
  • Wait.Did "elder" say...ten generations?!WTH?!!!
  • I can't wait! The illusions will fall, and we will see what's really important. Proabably less than ten generations later will emerge fully as the powerful beings that we already are.
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MAYAN PROPHESY COMES TRUE In 2004 I returned from the Mayan lands I started composing a Mayan CD. The ancient ones gave me the galactic activation tones that I put on the CD. As I was writing, I received a message / prophesy that in 2012 the star family was going to activate the ancient pyramids. They told me this was to keep Mother Earth from shifting her axis too drastically and help raise the Earth’s frequency's. I put the prophecy image on my Mayan Landing CD Cover here on the left. On 12…

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Creating the intention for the unity consciousness of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan calendar

Creating the intention for the unity consciousness         of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan calendar!In recent years there has been a radically increased interest in the Mayan calendar and especially its end and so many ask what this tells us about the future. Surprisingly, many people ask this question as if the answer had nothing to do with themselves or the choices they make. Few seem to have considered that the fulfillment of the cosmic plan will require of them to step up to the role of…

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