•   I will comment before I read the other posts as not to sway my idea. When I first started reading about planet X years ago, I began my journey to become more informed which led me to the Mayan prophecy's. From that point on information flowed to me until I was inundated with theory's  and still trying to unravel it all. My first thoughts were of fear and anxiety and still are to an extent. As I weed through it all my thoughts lean toward an accession spiritually but in order to attain this their will be devastation throughout the planet. Everyday I read the news and it correlates with some of the prophecy and the channel's  so I began to narrow down the blogs and sites that appear to match with the events taking place daily. I have chosen a few that I believe are on the right track and offer sound information as their is no proof that anyone source is for real therefor everything is in my court for dissecting what I think is taking place.

      The fear side of me says this. Sometime in October 2012 will be major changes like solar flares which will be the trigger to many earthquakes, volcano's and the such. By the first of the year we will have a pole shift and this will be the beginning of a the new era. The pole shift will likely be caused by Niburu aka planet X. Continents will shift about 45 to 90 degrees anti clockwise. Major devastation on the coastal areas including me. In Canada's west coast the tsunami is our greatest fear but I have no desire to leave the island I live on because I believe I will be in the right place at the right time. Sometime in 2013, I expect star people to arrive and they will assist the survivors and the new world will have begun and from that point on is suppose to be bliss.

      On a spiritual level I am believing I will become more passionate and move from the cup half empty to half full type of thinking as my wife is now. The rest is how I would want my reality to be. This goes into much detail based on Tesla s free energy, no more fossil fuels, natural foods and environmentally conscious. A more balanced way of thinking and doing. No I don't think I will live for hundreds of years but maybe our children will start to. Well that's about it in a nut shell and with the power of thought I believe we can make it so.


  • Hi everyone! :)
    I am new to ashtar command and am new to this group I have a big interest in what the Mayans predicted and I believe, as they were very intelligent people in terms of astrology and cosmic events, I think that their 2012 prediction of the end times could possibly mean that it is the end of the current era we live in and we are going to go through a transformation into another era where times will be very difficult in terms of money and long expenses etc but if everybody remains positive and respects the earth and live a humble happy life we will be ok and make it through and hopefully all happily together!!
  • 8114321287?profile=originalThe end of coming with the dawn of the Golden Age....


  • we sure wil be facing a lot of natural calamities towards the end of this year for..ofc we wil be passing through a very bad time indeed..but it wil be only for a few months.the only cure for that in ma mind is that ..we need to start meditating and to believe in our selfs and just hope and wait for our golden age !!!!!!! 

  • For me its the begining of something new. I dont believe the world will end, I believe a newness is coming . I know the ascension is affecting the planet and various consciousnesses(lifestreams) on the planet, especially for those with awareness of the spiritual energies and how its increasing. So welcome 2012, Its coming, only a few months away now. I follow my own guidance, and dont get swayed by others and also my guides guide me. So am not worried in fact I am ready for the changes to come. Thats just me and how I feel. Somethimes the unknown is good, change is good and hoping for the better now too.x

  • I've heard some people talking about "the end of the world and smoke em if ya got em...."  But really I think 2012 isn't a set time for the earth to explode, so I'm feeling more anticipation and hopeful about these coming years. Changes are definitely happening that we need to pay attention to, but it's not a time to panic! I have a feeling we're going to seea lot more big changes in fact, it's going to be hard and a rough ride but in the end we'll all be alright. I need to be true to myself and follow my own heart, it's not for me to say how 2012 will be for everyone. But I do hope we become more connected to each other with love and peace for all. I'm looking forward to Ascending, knowing change is never easy, even frightening too, but everything I've gone through has led me to where I am now. I'm enjoying the moment, working on "re-awakening" and focusing on Now, because my own future is right now. On the other hand, I hope Oregon doesn't have another tornado here and I end up waving goodbye to all of  you as my house is blown past! :p
  • The end of the dark cabal's rule over Earth. I have noticed they have been interfering a lot, trying to reduce the quality of our lives, since June 2007. Plus, our emotions have been changing a lot over the past 4 years. I think there is a rush to control us before the golden age begins in 2012. All our emotions will evolve into greater love, happiness, peace, motivation, freedom, satisfaction, willpower, intuition, understanding, etc and we will be amazed at the results.
    • ''The end of the dark cabal's rule over Earth ''

      I hope you are right Francis.

  • Read all the comments here good thoughts...

    Excellent question Ben!  What I wonder is what does Ben think about 2012. :-)

    Truth be told, I started feeling intense "energies" around the early 90's but as I look back my whole life has been a transformational process.  We come into this world and evolve as much as we can before we take the next step.  I think that what we are headed for, is spiritual evolution.

    Since I don't exactly know what would come in the year 2012 or what would happen on the very day the Mayans predict,

    I'll say what I hope it is...


    I hope that we do get to take the next "step" evolutionarily and spiritually.  We have all worked very hard here, through ages of change, evolution (as a human race) I really WANT to take things to the next level.  When looking at the way some people act, it's becomes apparent to me they aren't in the same state of mind as me, so that really makes me wonder what is in store for them.

    I want all of humanity to embrace the power within themselves and I want planet Earth to truily become "Heaven on Earth". I would love it if people could forgive others and themselves, and truly embrace being better on the inside and out.

    If that's not what happens, my life has been so amazing (I am very thankful) beyond words, that I will keep working and evolving as much as I can and spreading the good Energy... because I KNOW that special things are in store for me and so many others in this universe.


    Forever and always I will never lose hope, because I know that we WILL take the next step!!!! :) 

  • Well 2 looks like two ,zero looks like 0,1 looks like one,and too also looks like 2,2012? when we finally learn how two count from 1 to 2 12 times?
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