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Passages in the Hollow Earth, Agharta

4:08 Russian found maps(in 1945 year Berlin Tiergarten, Tirpittszufer 38-42) of the sea depths for passage under the ice of Antarctica to Agharta ( АГАРТА ). ONLY A class submarines zonder convoy Fuhrer (38 submarines). Maps of the underwater passage under the ice of Antarctica to "Agharta" carefully encrypted. NKVD and the later KGB (the highest leaderships knews about the existence of Agharta) it is possible that the higher ranks of the NKVD and the KGB were part of the Jewish Masonic sect. Merkulov executed in 1953, Abakumov was arrested in 1951 (in the case of the Zionist conspiracy) and was later executed. That's all anyone knew about this document memorandum( of passage ways under the ice of Antarctica to Agharta were executed. Beria was executed in 1953. They could simply not necessary to report to Stalin about this evidence (document) 4:08
In 1968, the American Meteorological Satellite "Essa-7 transmitted to the earth strange images of the North Pole. In the complete absence of clouds, that such images is extremely rare in the region of the pole is visible to an enormous h*** - a h***. The fact that the true picture - examination carried out repeatedly.
Strange satellite images were obtained on the southern continent - Antarctica. On images obtained with the aid of artificial satellites NASA, shows that the auroras originate from inside the Earth and form a sort of ring around the h*** near the South Pole.
But then why pilots flying over the Arctic and the Antarctic have not seen a huge "h***" in the planet's surface? Magnetic lines near the entrance to the inner world of bent, and the compass shows that the aircraft flies directly to the north, but in fact it flies "portal" party. The second is even more simple. Many studies of the polar regions, carried out by Germany, the USSR and the U.S. were clearly military in nature and the pilots had no right to talk about the vision. Any deviation from your course and you will fly past the entry into the portal, and to get inside the cavity to fly 1400 km
1) On his return found that his plane Byrd burned fuel at 2,750 "extra" kilometers.
2) Another eyewitness battle February 26, 1947, expedition member, an experienced military pilot John Sayerson
3)February 25-26 (1947), an extraordinary event in New York. A giant explosion in the northern part of New York . 56 people were killed (The New York Times). Witnesses claimed that it was a rocket fall FAU-2
4) Model Agency Gloria (in Argentina and other Latin American countries) to recruit women 1947-1952 year (were recruited from 8000 - up to 30 000 sexy girls who No one else has ever seen, after "employment") Astarte vessel under the flag of the Dominican Republic every 2 months picked up the girls from Rio de Janeiro and the more they are never seen again. Ship never went to other ports.
in 1939 on the shores of the Germans found a striking area of about 40 square kilometers of ice-free. With a relatively mild climate, with numerous ice-free lakes. It was called Schirmacher Oasis - on behalf of the German pilot of the pioneer.
3 HAARP now - 1 in USA (Alaska) , second HAARP in Greenland , and third HAARP in Norway
American polar Amundsen-Scott station most near to the opening (portal) into the hollow earth.
virtually all employees of the polar stations are members of secret services in the U.S.. All scientists were replaced by security officers in the 60-70 years after a series of mysterious disappearances of polar scientists or their deaths.
I made a video about the Amundsen-Scott soon.

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