Supersoul Connection - not another peace song

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Another boy, another peace song!“Yet another boy is singing a peace-song?”Come along! This is not another ding-dong -wrong song that accidently came on my tongue?I belong to unbroken chain that’s strong.We only speak through intelligence,through common sense and given knowledge.No dry and blind philosophy,no steps behind some new age Swamiji.Whenever you look on your whatever picture,you think you see yourself? Beautiful mixture?See you as a robot, neglecting real self -spark in the heart - the real pelf.You act like a king,yes, you know how to sing.You are good on how to speculateand blah-blah vibrate,laying down and think what to tell to mediabut messages are empty. Ha? No criteria.God is one, The Supreme, Almighty,He gave nations different manuals, not to be fighty!To reconnect, find ways to re-ligare,to know yourself, realize who you are.Elevate your consceusness. Elevate your soul.Love is every men’s goal.Love. Hmm? Love!So love is the way and you should knowthat love is something that goes stereo.Only bliss and peace you can catch on your way,heart is open, soften, ... Pray. Hey!If you are soul, why then different names?If you end up, let’s say, in bum-bum flames?You’re not a code -another number in this *.tmp world.Click-click! Click! Set the right frequence!Turn on the light! Switch on transcendence!Anyone can find God through love and devotion -reviving real knowledge. Look! Spark is in motion.Connection, self-realization, connection,transcendental devotional affection.Halleluyah, Salaam Alejkum, Shalom, Haribol!Holy name is the means of my travelthrough path of perfection - you can stay high forever.The Lord Supreme, The Origin of Allwants us all to give Him a call. Give Him a call!“You are soul, you got the power to know -you are indestructable. Always belive in.”You are - actually - happy eternally.

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"So it seems save to say that the body does not 'contain' the soul, but the latter has some connection to the former. Indeed the soul might not be in the same spatial location as the body at all! The analogy of the voice in radio not beeing in the…"
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Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"No, I never said that a Soul is, or could be "contained" by the physical dense body...Indeed, neither is the Divine Monad (spirit) contained within a soul...BUT, they each have connectors, which travel through them and maintain connectivity, as…"
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Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"If you take a look at many of my blog post I have been punching holes, for a while, on the common idea that the body is a 'container' somehow housing another entity termed 'soul'. I noted that a so called 'material' thing cannot contain a so called…"
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"Thanks, Agarther. Neither the Balkans nor the rest of Europe needs someone like Kurti. I don’t know how popular he is among the Albanians, let’s hope that they don’t get carried away."
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