Pleiadians & The Galactic Federation - Rare UFO Footage Documentary

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The best UFO contact documentary I have herd yet. Pleiadians & The Galactic Federation - The Story Of Billy Meier & Rare UFO Footage "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier (born February 3, 1937) is a Swiss citizen who...

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  • Drekx Omega, Thank you for your experiences and knowledge. I believe what you say. I have been monitored and watched by advanced beings since I was born. They wont tell me everything until its the right time, I must still learn experiences, then they will give me a download to help me remember everything my soul always knew.

    Acute Observer, The documentary is meant to be positive and make you aware of certain things. The chosen one is a name the higher ups have referred to me as, they say Im very powerful, in a positive way. Thats all they are telling me at this time.

  • Another documentary .. How surprising .. NOT.

    the NA-community is dying, and, I think it's a GOOD thing.

    Thank you for helping us to put even more nails in the coffin, Mr. "A chosen one"

    Exactly WHAT do you feel yourself to be chosen FOR by the way?

  • I was 9-years old when I first received a telepathic communication from my Sirian contacts...Initially it was Vashtar, who is a Sirius B4 ET, from planet Samanet......

    Note that when Billy met his first contact (a Plejare) named Sfaath, he was using a SIRIAN scoutship, which was a modified version of the standard spherical scout....A smaller version, presented as a gift to Sfaath, for services rendered to the Sirian star nation (akanowai dejoie.)

    I was told years ago, by the Sirians, that Billy Meier was and still is the Plejaren's  prime contactee.....His data is valid, correct and completely true....I recommend people research Meier and especially the Plejaren Spiritual Creation laws...Also, observe the ample evidence provided in Meier's testimonies, videos, etc...

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