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(SADKO)(1953, U.S.S.R.) color 80 minutesMosfilm (aka "Moss-Film") / Artkino PicturesScreenplay: Konstantin Isayev (as "Karl Isar")Music by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (from his opera "Sadko")Musical Director: Grigori GamburgChoreographer: Sergei KorenMusic Arranger: V. ShebalinCinematography by Fyodor Provorov (as "Frank Provor")Directed by Aleksandr Ptushko (as "Alfred Posco")English-Language Version:(1962) Filmgroup ?? minutesScreenplay: Francis Ford CoppolaSong composed by John SmithSong sung by Geno MarshEditing: George SteinProduced by Art Diamond (as "Joseph Moss")Directed by James LandisWith: Sergei Stolyarov (as "Edward Stoler") (Sadko/Sinbad), Alla Larionova (as "Anna Larion")(Lyubava/Luberia), Yelena Myshkova (Princess of Lake Ilmen/Morgiana), B. Surovtsev (as "Robert Surow")(Ivashka the boy), Mikhail Troyanovsky (as "Maurice Troyan")(Trifon), Nadir Malishevsky (Vyashta the Giant), Nikolai Kryuchkov (Omelyan Danilovich), Ivan Pereverzev (as "Irving Perev")(Timofey Larionovich), Yuri Leonidov (as "William Leon")(Kuzma Larionovich) Lev Fenin (Varangian Leader), Lidiya Vertinskaya (as "Lucille Mertisva")(The Phoenix), Stepan Kayukov (as "Arnold Kaylor")(Neptune), Olga Vikland (Neptuna), Sovol Martinson (The Monk)***Plot Outline: The courageous sailor of legend, Sinbad, finishes his seven voyages, battling magicians, cyclops, and monster birds. He retires from his adventures to his beloved homeland, Covosan, a bountiful land which lies far beyond Arabia and India.Yet Sinbad returns to find Covosan an imperialist nightmare, run by greedy men who have enslaved the poor. Sinbad, who has given away all his treasure save for a magic harp, is horrified, and vows to bring his city back to glory.Sinbad tells the citizens of a bird of happiness he has heard about, and proposes a sea voyage to locate it. Sinbad wants to free his enslaved fellows, but realizes its a tricky business. He soon meets Luberia, a poor working girl of the city, and he falls for her on first sight.That night at a town celebration, Sinbad talks to the rich merchants and the partying workers, but receives nothing but mockery from them. Depressed, Sinbad walks to the edge of the enchanted sea, and sings a song of lament:"Alone my soul must always be,Is happiness beyond the sea?Or does it hide its shining fare,In dark caverns waiting there?My heart laments the years I've spent,In search of happiness.If there's a place where kindness dwells,My heart would find its rest.Oh, happiness, could you be love,In near a maiden's love?The secret key for which I search,In my own heart lies?Somewhere my longing must be heard,Is there an ear to hear my pleas?Each day I pray for ever more,Oh shiny star, oh moonlit sea!

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