Little Grandmother: Tribe of Many Colors for Fukushima 2013

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Nov 16, 2013Right now we can make a change! We can place our crystals embedded with our love near the powerplant of Fukushima and help heal the planet!Will add the link to the Address where we can send our Crystals : Kogyo KabushikigaishaMr. Masayuki OhataEgg Building No.3 Esaka 5043-29 Horoshiba-cho,Suita-shi, OsakaJapan 564-0052(Tel: +81 6-6155-9800

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  • Would it be possible to connect these two somehow...check out the full article it is very informative...

    Using Fungi to Remediate Radiation at Fukushima


    Paul Stamets |

    Tuesday, 26th November 2013

    Fukushima is a global crisis. Instead of hiding it, the Japanese Government should be asking for help. Mycologist, Paul Stamets, suggests some ways to remediate and manage the radiation around Fukushima that could form a basis for an international task force.

  • Thank You so much Alie ~ Blessings Your way ~ We are Shifting and Healing ~ Much Love!


  • Hey Keisha,


    Sent the crystals today to Japan. Sent pyrite pyramid and cinnabar as previously intuited. Thanks for the mediation. I had a friend turn up and sit with me and do a meditation prior to this. It felt as if it contributed as I anchored myself with white light then brought through a brilliant red light like a barber pole. When the pyrite connected with the reactor the word is 'deactivate' it overlayed it and contained its energy. I then felt a wave of white light spannout from the upper chakras and the base chakra. I did have a moment wondering what would happen next.


    It is my understanding that the Japanese also need to reach out on a practical level to the international community to assist in containing both the rods and the water. It is imperative that they do this. It is too important to delay. I did feel others leave crystals that activated the expansion circle of the white light outwards.

    Thank You for initiating this as it had been on mind a lot. Blessings All.  

  • Thank you for sharing this with me. I have a pyramid crystal to send asap. It has been coming to since this started with Fukishima wondering how to help. An idea has been going round in my brain in regards to keeping the area safe from Typhoons. It would require working with the grid and perhaps moving it further out to sea. It would probably need permission? I see that it would be a bit like terraforming on some level. I do not see too well in the etheric although I envision it is possible to move chakras and the like? It would affect others possibly in small movements of wave forms. Of course this uncharted waters.........Just an idea that has been coming to me...and probably still unformed on some level. Has anyone else had thoughts such as these or can see how that would work?

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