If we can just get through September.

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Jelaila shares the Nibiruan's message regarding Comet Elenin, Nibiru and how we have shifted the timeline. To get Jelaila's messages sent free to your inbox,...

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  • march 2015 now.....

    really hasent gotten better

    id say the opposite even

    i hope allot of you woke up after realizing allot of these people

    are bs'ers

    they are here to put us to sleep and not be on the front lines......

    like little grand mother <<<what a joke

    im happy people are really waking up... like a second wakening....

    welcome to reality people.....

    its time we make it better now for real....

  • Come rain or shine, hailstorm or hellfire, comet or meteor, I'll be in the perfect place at the perfect time. In fact, I'll be so right in the middle of autumn festivities in September that I wouldn't even notice if the world (as we know it) should end!!
  • anyways... helping hands are hollier than praying ones

    inaction = complicity            <do i have to explain that???

  • lol out of the woods in September....wo

    we will be out of the woods when we have a world revolution and jail bilderbergs/illuminay//freemasons etc///rothchilds,rockerfelers/gates/gore etc///// we are no way out of the woods with these devils running around..

    are ufo gana save u from the airborn ebola that has been develloped?

    they ganna save the syrians?the yemeneese?the greeks?   how about the thowsands dieing everyday in middle east...oh i c...not worth saving??only americans needs to be saved right???4 get the rest oif the world right???

    damn u to hell...stand up for yourselves...do something ...or else we are done with.....

  • nice Illuminati symbols there !!
  • why doesn't this chick tell us to buy reserve food and gold/silver???

    why doesn't she tell us to prepare?????

    tells me what she is.....

    people who tell me to take my power back are the good ones.....the ones who tell u to do nothing are pure evil.....

  • all these "channels"have been discredited many times....i don't believe a word they say anymore....

    i believe they believe what they are saying...but they are being fooled

    funny how they predict stuff..and when the stuff doesn't happen >>blame it on timeline or some other ****

    i truly believe they are channeling reptiles...

    they all say ...dont do anything to change your world...let jesus or the ufos fix everything///blaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    verbal diarrhea.. the time to stay home and bury your heads in the sand is over......do something or die basically.... stop thinking ufos are ganna save u...coz they aint...they want u to save yourself..

    probably shaking their heads at our stupidity....

  • Worthfull Arcturian Insights. :)
  • propheside? lol good old usa vocabulary

    try prophesized
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