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Paris, April 26, 1983, a French court admits: "THE HUMAN GAS CHAMBERS WERE A WAR PROPAGANDA LIE." Adding an English-voice translation to this video was my id...

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  • Opening up the pains of history can be an emotionally painful experience.  Both in the world at large and in our own personal stories.  Coming to grips with the reality of these sensitive parts of ourselves releases the repressed and hidden sore spots of our deeply held feelings and allows us to be free to fill the resulting void with a greater awareness of love and understanding.  All are now going through personal reflection on their own life coming to grips with failures and painful experiences that they must forgive in order to move on from them.  Societal failures are also fair game in this growth process and can not be limited or repressed because of human emotional pain as it is a healing process that often includes pain as a part of the human condition.  It may be that we must wait to get the complete truth until after our ascension process is further along.  I am intrigued however that many dissenting views on the Holocost are eerily dismissed as easily as the dissenting views on 9/11 or the JFK assasination.  What the "authorities " tell us is the truth is what we are free to believe and anyone questioning these beliefs is anti-something or other or a horrible person that must be silenced.  Love and forgiveness are the pathways to greater awareness and ascension.   

  • The Holocaust Denial Movement 

    by Heidi Beirich

    Holocaust deniers argue that the genocide of Jews during World War II either did not occur or was much less horrific than historians say. But their work is much more than a simple re-interpretation of the historical evidence. Holocaust denial is a political movement that is inherently anti-Semitic, meant, for the most part, to make national socialism more palatable — how many people, after all, want to support an ideology responsible for the industrialized murder of several million Jews? Many deniers cloak their hatred in academic language, seeking to give the appearance that they are honest, if skeptical, students of history. They prefer to call themselves “Holocaust revisionists,” a phrase hijacked from “historical revisionism,” a school of credible historians who offered new interpretations for the origins of World War I.

    Deniers usually argue that the number of Nazi victims is far smaller than the toll calculated by historians of the era and was the result of disease far more often than of deliberate murder on the part of the Nazis. In particular, they take issue with the commonly cited number of 6 million Jews killed during the Holocaust. Many deniers also assert that the ovens used by the Nazi regime in extermination camps in Poland were not capable of incinerating nearly as many bodies as the Allies said were destroyed in them. Some claim there were no gas chambers at all...

    To this day, U.S. groups such as the neo-Nazi National Alliance publish and sell Holocaust denial material. To most of them, Jews intentionally made up the “Holohoax” as part of a nefarious plan to extract war reparations from Germany to help found the state of Israel, and to win the world’s sympathy. Many Europeans also have played an important part in this enterprise, but they have been hampered by laws that punish denial and other statements seen as inciting racial hatred. This has left the Americans, with their speech protected by the First Amendment, in a unique and important position to disseminate denial materials worldwide.


    read full essay at:         

  • ~The continued, willful ignorance, proudly displayed on this site by a small group of Holocaust deniers is troubling & deeply offensive to say the least. What a shame that in 2014, there are still people (mental slaves) so deeply rooted in their narcissistic fears, that they would attempt to rewrite history to make the limitations of their damaged psyches more palatable... & for what? To justify their views that the Nazis were somehow unfairly portrayed & criticized? Whitewashing your skewed sense of reality, doesn't change the horrific missteps of the Human story darkstar... Life doesn't work that way. It merely amplifies your efforts to remain disturbingly unconscious... & on that front, you've been a huge success. Just keep in mind... while it's beyond clear that from your perspective: 'ignorance is bliss'... in this day & age, it's a matter of choice. Wake up! 

  • AVATAR: PLEASE STOP TRYING TO GET ME TO SAY "the holocaust didn't exist." It did, but it included other groups  besides Jewish people (and I don't hear these non-jewish groups demanding a country to call their own).

    I did ask former Israeli IDF member (now saxophone player extraordinaire) Gilad Atzmon if it was true that there were Jewish Zionist groups that helped out Hitler with the holocaust, and he said YES. Click and go to 5:30 to hear my question and his answer. He was a very interesting man, and a helluva jazz player.

  • Auschwitz Museum and curator Dr. Franciszek Piper admits on video that the deaths via gas chambers were a lie and couldn't be proven, except by propaganda. I guess that makes him an enemy of Israel.

    Click for one-hour documentary.

  • The Holocaust included Ashkenazi Jews, gypsies, gays, dissenting Catholics, and astrologers who wrote bad things about the Furer. AND I ONLY SEE ONE GROUP IN THE MENTIONED GROUPS THAT DEMANDS A COUNTRY TO CALL THEIR OWN, COMPLETE WITH REGULAR $ PAYMENTS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES TO SUPPORT THIS COUNTRY (and this country will only allow Jewish people to realize all the benefits realized by this country).

    Note that a Kuwaiti ambassador's daughter pulled a similar holocaust lie claiming Saddam Hussein removed babies from incubators to die, when it was proven to be a big lie. This lie was told right after Saddam Hussein caught Kuwait slant drilling for oil into Iraq and made them stop. It was one of the rationale used by Bush Sr. to invade Iraq.

    The Lie

    Incubator lie iraq gulf war Congressional hearing [click to enlarge] gulf war propaganda [click to enlarge] PR agency Hill Knowlton [click to enlarge] KLA Kosovo human rights humanitarian crimes humanity [click to enlarge] friendly fire corporations money [click to enlarge] joseph goebbels George Bush lies to troops [click to enlarge]

    The great Iraq War lie. The pictured girl told the world under tears that she saw how Saddam Hussein's soldiers took babies out of their incubators and let them die on the cold floor.

    In Novembre 1990 Bush41 told this lie to the poor soldiers.

    In truth she hadn't been in Kuwait at the time. The girl was in fact the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador in Washington, USA. 

  • It is very sad to see anti-Semitism in a blog dedicated to love and light. 

    My grandmother's entire family was murdered in the holocaust by the Nazis. The holocaust was a true tragedy, almost everyone I knew growing up in Israel had family members who died. I hope you and your people never know such pain. 

    Why would you post something like this?

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