DNA and Point Zero - Kishori Aird

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Did you know that DNA possesses a vibratory, electromagnetic field that is sensitive to human intention?Did you know that the study of the human genome covers only 3% of all DNA and that scientists refer to the rest as junk or random DNA?Did you know thatDNA contains not 2 but 13 strands and that these can be reconnected and activated?Did you know that, much like a computer, DNA possesses built-in programs, and that these can be modified?

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"The other day you heard them say that they don't want any cease-fire in Ukraine. Why? it is evident that it is because of yada yada to do with thinking that Russia is in the 'strong position'. This shows that leaders in the world do not use war as…"
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"May the funk be with you...!!💥👊🏻

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"Time for another musical interlude, you ACC lovely people.....;-)

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I'd like to add something else to this photo before I post it,"Unconditional love is the solution!"
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I post this photo with the intention or wish of meeting Tibetan Raelians one day soon especially ones who've had their cellular transmission done already.
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"Touch is healthy and nurturing in human relationships. Perhaps not with random people you meet in the street, but with people you trust and love and who are comfortable with it.

I wonder how far removed western society is from more natural forms of…"
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"This is a Concept for the whole World. If anyone would living it like that, peace can be manifest a little more, cause all we need is to have Respect infront each other. Best form to say Hello when you meet someone first Time, anyways.…"
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"Yes, unfortunately there is not yet worldwide peace in this world. But there are always signs of peace written by life itself. I myself am an example of this, as I am a so-called Eurasian. I'm someone who has family trees in both Asia and Europe. My…"
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