Divine Spirit Meditation

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Divine Spirit Meditation- You should not be driving or operating any machinery during this meditation.- Find a comfortable sitting position.- Uncross your legs, arms and hands.- Close your eyes and relax.- Take a deep breath and as you exhaling relax.- Visualize golden white light coming from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, entering your crown chakra and filling your body up with golden white light. This energy is mixing with your heart chakra, filling up your body and grounding you to the universe.- Visualize Energy coming up from the center of the Earth through your feet and mixing in your heart chakra. This energy is grounding you to the earth.- This light and energy will stay with you always.- This light and energy is available to you by just thinking about it.- Take a moment to enjoy this relaxing invigorating energy as it fills up and heals and protects your body.-- (Pause for 30 seconds)-- Repeat the following mentally after me:-- I request all the latest light codes, light packages, fire letters and fire codes that are available to me from all God sanctioned sources.- I release all fear codes.- I release all codes that do not serve me any longer.- I ask that my energetic field be protected from damaging energy.- Everyday my body, mind and spirit are becoming healthier and stronger.-- In the light of the infinite one creator.- I surround myself with the golden healing light of the universe.- This light is amplifying my divine spirit one hundred fold every day and guiding me back towards full consciousness.- I ask that this divine light be my guide as it represents the true nature of my divine spirit.- I fully accept my divine sprit as my highest guide as we become one again and enter into this new era of divine consciousness.-- I ask that higher echelons of light be integrated into my soul patterns.- I ask for Divine assistance, for Divine acknowledgment and for Divine intervention in my life.-- This golden white light is building in my heart and spreading out around me.- As this light spreads out around me it is instantly replenished and grows exponentially.- This light is spreading out into the community around me.- The golden white light is spreading out even further as it encircles the globe with this divine healing energy.- I see all people of the world awakening to the consciousness of the universe.- I see all people of the world living in peace and harmony with one another, the earth and the universe.- I see disclosure taking place.- I see the world leaders acting in the best interests of mother earth and the people who live on her.- I see the earth and all the people on the earth as members in the galactic community.- Take a moment to enjoy this vision and bask in this energy.- When you are ready, slowly allow yourself to wake up.- Your day and those around you will be filled with happiness and joy.- Please rate this video and post comments about your experience.- Thank you for participating in this meditation.- Namaste

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  • Love this meditation!! Thank you very much for posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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