Declare A Paradigm

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An uplifting and inspiring video with a message of ambitious optimism to the millennial generation. Put my heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears & laughter into this one and I hope it moves you all.Enjoy the show!Lyrics:We are the generation of a new millennium, born into a time of unprecedented transformation. At this critical point in human history we have been given the role of deciding what direction to take. We face threats of terrorism, global eco-destruction, overpopulation, poverty, disease and extinction. No longer can we rely on the old paradigms of isolation, corruption and greed. A new creed must be declared; one that can be shared as we take this great responsibility we've been given and collectively create a new found world that we want to live in.Children of 21st century unite! The world is ours and we don't even need to fight, 'cause the old folks trying to keep us all under control are disappearing like the use of fossil fuels. So, we gotta step up to the plate and break a bat, to take responsibility for fate. So have a chat with your fellow compatriot and tell them there's a time of opportunity to share a better paradigm.There's thirteen quintessential character traits (that) make the difference in determining America's fate. With the rest of the world let's collectively cultivate an unstoppable crop of fresh homegrown faith. And if we got problems, solve them as diligent soldiers who fight for their rights but are not militant. It takes courage to stand for what you believe in. It's an integrity beyond your logic and your reason that's going to lead to freedom of pleasure and expression. To make a salad take your lettuce and your dressing. Put two and two together, anything can be done, with some creativity and communication. We got technology to take energy from the sun (to) streamline electricity; and that's just one sign of hope to show it's only begun, so love each other and remember to have a little fun.We've arrived at the pinnacle of human history. We're going to decide if we die or live, you see? Should you be afraid? Naw, man be grateful, you're bringing new food to humanity's table. Remember to be ethical in everything you do because it bounces off of others like rubber and sticks to you. It's humility that's going to help you master compassion, and once you know the feeling it will be forever lasting. Life is a journey, not a destination. So why not make every minute of it a celebration? And with the Internet we hear the sound of information expanding potential past the boundaries of nations. Now we need to make us a clear declaration, to look at the system and say we're the generation that took what we were given and, with imagination, made the future through a beautiful collaboration.The greatest illusion to ever be pulled over our eyes is this notion of scarcity. We grow up being taught that there's fundamentally not enough of whatever, but it's simply not true. And there's a brilliance that's coming out of the woodwork in all arenas of the world that's proving to us that we have all that we could ever need or want. So the question is not "do we have what it takes to be the greatest generation that ever walked the face of this planet?", the question is...will we rise to the occasion?

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  • thats a nice one,....thanx for posting.:):):)

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