David Wilcock on Coast 2 Coast. 2012. Feb 2009 - 2012 & Human Evolution

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2012 & Human EvolutionIn the first half of the program, researcher and lecturer David Wilcock spoke about the year 2012, and presented scientific data which shows big changes are in store for humanity in the near future. According to Wilcock, crop circles have been pointing toward a profound event centered around 2012. A recent crop circle formation accurately displayed the planetary alignment for the exact day when the Mayan Calendar will end, he further noted.Wilcock said the entire solar system is going through a transformation that can be seen in interplanetary climate change as well as in the rapid evolution of human beings. Wilcock referred to the work of Prof. John Hawks, an anthropologist at the University of Wisconsin, who has been studying the speed of evolution. Humans now are more genetically different from people of 3000 B.C. than the people of 3000 B.C. were from Neanderthals, he pointed out.Wilcock discussed the groundbreaking research by Russian scientist A.B. Burlakov that suggests an energy field, or "biofield," is feeding life, perhaps causing mass evolution to occur. He shared details from a study by V. Budakovski in which raspberry callus tissue was healed by projecting a hologram of a healthy raspberry plant into the sick one. As further evidence of the transitory and changeable nature of DNA, Wilcock mentioned the work of Dr. Peter Gariaev, who found he could use laser light to turn frog embryos into salamander embryos.

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  • Hey no prob! Very Inspirational Soul Mr. David is :) I love sharing Radio & Videos with Rich Content like this! :D

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