Pixie at dawn.

I used ink and acrylic paint to create this pixie picture. I love the colours, they make me feel lovely. =)

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  • Wow, that's amazing!!! I love the soft colors, they are calm and happy.


  • It is ink in the background, and I painted the detail in acrylic.
    Alot of my friends have asked for a print of this piece, so I think it would probably be a good idea for me to look into getting some good quality prints made of it. And yes Shelby I would be happy for you to have one, altough I do feel dodgy accepting payment for any of my creations! I will get back to you on this when I have researched getting some prints done.
    And thankyou, once again, for your admiration of this little artwork of mine. I soooo enjoyed creating it, and it gives off brilliant feelings when I look at it. =)
  • looks like watercolor in the background. I would like to have that up in my house, if you are selling it..?
  • I love it!
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