!!!*** The Spiritual Hierarchy Functions as the Spiritual Government of Planet Earth*** BY Dr Joshua David Stone and Gloria Excelsias***!!! 

The inner plane Spiritual Hierarchy functions as the Spiritual Government of this planet.
Now, the Planetary Spiritual Government is not a government as we understand the term on Earth. It adheres to highest Spiritual ideals and is inspired by a spirit of service, devotion and Spiritual leadership. It is guided by the idea that a true leader serves, and a true server leads!
The Spiritual Hierarchy functions in a hierarchical structure in the sense that those with lesser vision will ask for advice from those “above” them who have the bigger picture of the Plan. However, there is no competition whatsoever, only a joint purpose in serving the whole.
Each Master contributes what they are most suited to contribute and works in their chosen field of service and expertise.
The inner plane Masters, as a whole, have drawn nearer to our world than ever before. This is so because many of us are completing major initiations during this very lifetime, taking the path of ascension and therefore joining the ranks of the Masters ourselves – even though we all obviously still have much to learn.
The Integrated Ascended Master is fully aware of this and thus makes a conscious effort to join this noble rank of Masters, taking his rightful place in the externalizing Spiritual Hierarchy on Earth.
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