Just what is Earth healing? And who are we to think we can "save the planet?"

It's good to hear people asking these questions. They signal a heightened awareness about the state of the world, the environment. They mean we're paying attention, that we're listening.

We speak of "healing" the Earth Mother through ceremony, prayer or walking the land. These certainly are ways we may assist the Earth in cleansing and healing herself from the effects of overdevelopment.


This is truly a time of change, fertility, rebirth and renewal in cultures around the world. Ceremony, prayer, meditation and other sacred activities are particularly powerful at this time. This is a time of manifestation, of hope. A time of cleansing, of resurrection. A time of reuniting with our own divine nature.

Raymond Mardyks, a galactic astrologer in Sedona, Arizona, speaks of "making time sacred by harmonizing with the dance of the Earth." This means tuning into the Earth and celestial alignments, moving in rhythm with - rather than struggling against - the natural energies.

Please take this opportunity to reflect on the blessings you receive from the Earth Mother and your Creator, and the meaning of the change of seasons in your own life. How are you caring for yourself and the planet?

In these times, focusing on our own healing is the key to assisting the Earth in her rebirth.

Kaelan Shannon, a gifted healer in Manitou Springs, Colorado, shared the following message about Earth healing that she received in Garden of the Gods, a sacred site at the foot of Pike's Peak. The message comes from Archangel Uriel, who speaks of the connection between our bodies, our souls and the Earth Mother.

"If you would heal the Earth,
If you would dance the dance of the Earth,
then you must needs know what this means.

You must know first
of the soul of the Earth.
you must merge and become one.

You must feel the Earth
as it sinks into you
and as you sink into it.

For you, in truth, incarnated
To heal that part of your soul
Which is of the Earth and of fire -
That part of your soul which needs grounding -
That part of your soul which is of the other.

You have learned in other times and places
Of other aspects of your soul.
To be complete, you must know them all.

You accept the fire first
In your roots,
In your grounding,
In your Earth.

It cleanses and it burns and purifies
Until you become incandescent.
Until you have melded the Earth
With the incandescence of the soul.

To allow your soul and light essence
To become the beginning,
The root
The ground
The fertile Earth.

For only in that can you then move
To the fire.
Only then, can you let go
Of this physical being
That you have become
For you will have incorporated
The essence of this grounding and Earth
Without necessarily carrying the form and structure." *


We are the caretakers of the Earth, and we are being asked to assist in her cleansing and rebirth by calling in and anchoring the cosmic energies now available to us from the heavens. We can do this through prayer, meditation or special ceremonies. These activities contribute to our personal healing as well as planetary healing.

You can plan a formal activity, or create an impromptu ceremony as you walk through a park. It's not the activity you choose but your intent to assist in the healing process that matters.


Kaelan's book, "Stone Sages," is a moving compilation of messages she has received at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado. The Garden is a sacred site where Native Americans from many tribes have gathered for centuries for ceremony and healing. The book offers messages of hope and healing that are particularly pertinent and uplifting in these times. You may contact Kaelan directly at 719-685-3025.

When the grandmothers speak,
the earth will be healed.
-- Hope Prophecy
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