8111383878?profile=original!!!!!*****GALACTIC GLOBAL GOVERNMENT HAS CREATED GLOBAL ANTIWAR COALITION & CELESTIAL TRANSMISSION FOR PEACE , UNITY & HEALING*****They are a response to WARS & unjust atrocities on planet*****!!!!!

"""<<<OUR EVENT IS UNIQUE "WE DO POTENT COLLECTIVE LIGHTWORK***People who participate report Miraculous changes, and we as a group affecting the mass consciousness is beyond doubt as these celestial energies of transformation come through us from Ascended Realms and Higher Benevolent Beings>>>"""

These "Celestial Transmissions" are for bringing about Global Peace, Unity and Healing to humanity suffering directly or indirectly from atrocities Like War, oppression, enslavement, discrimination etc etc to name few. All lightworkers, light raisers, healers, intuitives, moral beings are welcome to post material which will create PEACE, UNITY, HEALING for individuals, groups, countries and the planet. So kindly put material in this event related to PEACE, UNITY HEALING ASAP and CONSTANTLY Till our collective objective of Global Peace, Unity and Healing is reached... This Celestial Transmission event page and Global Antiwar Coalition group are 24/7 Temple of prayer( of any faith), meditation, encouragement, knowledge wisdom sharing. But on every THURSDAY we are having an organized Hosting of this event. Please visit this event site often to see what has been posted and on Every Thursday. Hosts..... Celestial Trance Christos , Annette MaxwellMatt Muckleroy Rab Adamson Méline Lafont Rose Maya ( we welcome others to come forward and co-host this event with us). This Constant Temple of prayer, meditation, unity oneness and healing is SUPPORTED BY Galactic Global Government, Global Antiwar Coalition , The New Aeon , Command Center for Divine Commanders and my entire SPIRIT SOUL LIGHT FAMILY and FRIENDS.





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