October 10

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i am 39 years old....i have been interested in 'alien' life since my childhood....i have much to learn about my own self and how i fit into the awakening of this earth and its people....

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  • Beautiful soul sister of mine, How thankful I am to have found you again. You truly are a blessing to me. I love you!!

  • I know what you mean, i have been DYING to get to the coast, planning a trip next weekend, my soul is poitively aching for the ocean!

    So how old are your babies? my three are Ky aged 5, Alira, 2.5 and William is 1.5.  They are a handful but I do the best I can with what Ive got. Same as everyone I guess.

    I ask an angel to go to your home and give you all a peaceful sleep and to wake completely refreshed in the morning.

    Big Loves


  • Never heard of it (not big on geography) but it sounds beautiful, so if you can make room for 2 adults and 3 kids.....lol! Just kidding. but truely, you're very lucky to live near the water, would be a dream come true for us. I live near the logan river...... and it's questionable as to whether it would adversely affect your health were you to play in it!

  • Hello darling,

    Welcome to the site! Im am completely positive that you will find everthing you're looking for here. There is soooo much info especially about our space kin. Where abouts in Vic are you at? ( I have a very good friend in Shep.) Anyway I love the goals you stated on your page, you sound really beautiful and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better and sharing our journies. Have a beautiful day!

    Big Loves!


  • hello voulav my name is norman peters i live in maryborough north qld just want to get to know few people on this site share views

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voulav left a comment for indigo child
"ohhhhh the hearts thing doesnt work as it does in facebook.....oh well love love love is all i can say....keep smiling, its contagious....and keep your faith hun, everything that does happen happens for a purpose....there are no coincidences!!!!"
Dec 13, 2011
voulav left a comment for indigo child
"awwww, u are beautiful....i am so blessed with my babies....i feel for you darlin, my eldest is twelve and then i have the two babies, a two year old girl and a one year old boy....u have three under five!!!!it cant be easy and yes all we can do is…"
Dec 13, 2011
voulav left a comment for indigo child
"lol....u are right....for me just being near the water is a big stress relief....funny thing, u  have three kids and two adults in ur family, so do i!!! thankyou for the friend, and the lovely welcome..... big hugs to you and ur family hun"
Dec 11, 2011
voulav left a comment for indigo child
"hello, and thankyou....i am so pleased to have found this site.....people from all over this beautiful planet coming together for the same purpose.....lol....gives me chills....altho our path isnt always an easy one, i am sure all of us will get…"
Dec 10, 2011