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May 14

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All beings and creatures are my teachers/guides/gurus- Me, myself, I, Simon Isaksson Mooji, Jesus and the whole world

theresiafranzen replied to jouny's discussion The relationship between the Being "I", thoughts, beliefs and emotions.
"Jouny, I love that you enjoyed to write this, even if it seemed to be a long text, I certainly enjoyed reading this, even if it seemed to be a longlish haha ;)Space and peace wohooooo !! Now I will drink some water cause I do not want to smell, it…"
Jan 24, 2013
theresiafranzen left a comment for Jose Ignacio Contreras
"Beauutiful, thank you! All that back to you as well :)"
Jan 21, 2013
theresiafranzen replied to jouny's discussion Increasing vibration of your earthly expression.
"I really loved this. I felt so much love reading this and I totally agree :):):):) 

PEACE hihihi"
Jan 21, 2013

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marker dragon left a comment on Comment Wall
"you are right on Loveall"
19 minutes ago
Justin89636 liked Lynette's blog post ARE U READY TO GO HOME TO 5D EARTH ?
22 minutes ago
wizanda commented on Ben-Arion's blog post Protocols of the Fifth Dimension - Conversation between Sananda & Aurelia
"This as an email blew my mind, as it starts as if addressed to Sananda... Which made me ponder you'd realized that is me. 😇
Then on reading the whole thing, was even more profound, as nothing happens by chance, and will meditate on the reflections…"
1 hour ago
Loveall left a comment on Comment Wall
"Hello! Starseeds I 'am sending you all love 💕 and light 🕯️ . Please know this .. there is and never was a VIRUS, but there was a plan for DEPOPULATION. AND THAT WAS THROUGH THE VACCINES. ALL THEY HAD TO DO WAS TELL US THE LIE AND GET US IN FEAR 😨.…"
2 hours ago
Movella replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Power Of Love ...Indian teacher builds £195,000 Taj Mahal replica as symbol of love for his wife
"Thanks KK, all have great history and architecture.
Mostly designed by 4th ray individuals I would imagine.."
3 hours ago
Movella left a comment on Comment Wall
"That’s right Albertha, we should express our authentic selves to raise the vibes.☺️ Our true selves, and not our brainwashed selves.."
3 hours ago
Movella left a comment on Comment Wall
"The first case of Omicron was found in someone who was FULLY VACCINATED.
And how many more 1st, 2nd and boosters.. I’ve lost count, are to be recommended? Will it become a regular treat?? 🤡 They do not seem to be working very well.🤣"
3 hours ago
Albertha commented on Albertha's video
"I admit I only listen to the bits Kryon talks.
In de last channeling ,at the end ( last 5 minutes orso) he tells us all the past lives don't have to stop us anymore (if you choose so of course)
As the energy is now different in Earth.
That's so…"
4 hours ago