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Hi, I am Terence Lee here sending my message to all people in this earth particularly the lightworkers in this very occasion.

December 21st passed by quickly and here it is a beautiful and powerful sunshine I enjoyed. I also felt stronger energies surrounding me and engulfing me within. Nothing significant is happening here.

However, one thing I am happy and satisfied about this date is there is no catastrophic event as alleged by theories of the scientists, numerous shamanic prophecies and some so-called spiritual channellers. All is fine, many were on vacation and the city is quiet and peaceful here, Electricity and water supply runs normally. Me my mom and my sisters' family are all fine and healthy as usual like everybody else in this world. But I do not think that all would be if not of many of lightworkers who pray and meditate for peace of the Earth and her inhabitants,

I know there are many such lightworker who meditate and pray for us and the Earth for the sake of peace and love and I know they all are still there, so I want to send my message on behalf of the peoples in my country and all over the world, if I may, to all of these noble person and it might be you all:-


With your prayers and meditation, our Earth is still peaceful, our Earth is still safe. everybody is still healthy and safe and harmony is continuously be preserved. Catastrophe has been avoided and there is no harmful solar flare. Bless you all for your noble effort and positive global manifestation.

Keep up your good work! Continue to meditate and pray as I am still now for all of living beings here, our planet to make this world a safest peaceful and loving place to live. Remember, our journey doesn't stop here but whenever and wherever you send your prayer and meditation, I am always with you and I will keep on supporting you in whatever spiritual and noble efforts because we are one always and still we are now, right?

For those who I did not get to reach my message to and to all those who are non-lightworkers and lightworkers who did not participated in healing the earth or whosoever they are in any parts in this world, I still want to say that I love you all guys and though you are very far away and we never met, my soul is still within your heart. Though many of you have tried very hard to struggle in your life, remember, you all are very beautiful soul gifted with wonderful physical bodies and this is why we are all so special.

Let us usher in our New Golden Age and our New Year simultaneously with our fully loving, prosperous, free and peaceful manifestation we want to achieve, globally.

Last but not least,


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Re-emphasis on Aug 4th

I have read this email message I received from my spiritual friends who does not wish their name to be disclosed. It was dated July 30th, 2012. I decided to post it with their consent and share it with all especially those who are very upset with the result of the so-promised disclosure or first contact. I post it at latter because I don't speculate until I see the results.

Dear Friends,

The July 30, 2012 message ascribed to the GFL messenger, Salusa, via Mike Quinsey, may or may not be true.  It is not up to anyone else to decide for you.  You, are to choose for yourself and to remain silent.  The way for each individual to know is not by placing reliance on the human intellect of yourself or another's.  The Truth is not there; it is in your Heart.  There are a few ways to access the Truth, including by ascending to the buddhic planed during meditation, or if qualified and experienced accessing the Akashic Records.  However, I feel the best way for all individuals is to apply Universal Law which I have previously reviewed and bring forward to your attention once again:
I speak here of the Universal Law which states "the Call compels the answer".  You are to make your own Calls to your "Mighty I AM Presence" sincerely, with intense feeling (not emotion), while keeping your feelings and emotions in a very calm, pure and harmonious state (This is required also by Universal Law)  Provided you do so, and your intent is pure and constructive, the answer is instantaneously given to you.  If you have not received the answer from your Heart, then apply the VCF to clear any obstructions, and reissue the Call.  However do not make the mistake of satisfying your own curiosity of your ego, that is not constructive and thus you may not expect an answer in such case. Once answered, do not permit your intellect to go into doubt and to undermine the Truth received. Silence is appropriate so as not to violate other's free will and encourage each to do his/her own work and obtain his/her own Truth.
As for the disinformation and intellectual discussions cropping up about the July 30 message, I wish to clarify the intellect does not know the truth.  It is a tool of human body perception that acts with the five body senses of perception - that is all.  The intellect cannot see, hear, feel, smell or taste anything - it interprets data from these five body senses without knowing anything - Is it any surprise that it is incapable of knowing the truth and judging correctly -  Truth is in the Heart not found in the intellect - and the intellect misguides.  So keep up your guard and don't get pulled into intellectual discussions of what seems to be and what seems not to be - appearances are often false even when they appear to be true, and the truth may appear to be false when judged by the ego or intellect - so do not allow yourself to be confused..
Also, I wish to re-emphasize the notice issued in the last paragraph of the July 30, 2012 message from Salusa on behalf of the GFL: 
"this coming week is one that is a last chance for your leaders to respond to our demands. If we are ignored yet again, we shall go forward ourselves, and make ourselves known in such a way that our presence can no longer be ignored or hidden. Yes, we have the deadline Saturday the 4th. of August in mind and no longer, before we take matters into our own hands."
Perhaps you think it is an ultimatum -  However, "we have the deadline Saturday the 4th of August "in mind and no longer"  - that seems a bit wishy-washy - and is subject to change is it not?  "This coming week is one that is a last chance for your leaders to respond to our demands" - "A last chance?"  How many of those last chances have been afforded through this date?

I also point out that I, for one, do not know who "your leaders" encompasses nor do I know what the GFL expects from them as "to respond to our demands" nor do I know what those demands are.  Moreover, the date of Saturday the 4th of August is the only certainty - and it may come and go - surely it will, but what else is sure is up in the air with the cloaked forces of Light :0  So, I recommend that you go within for your Truth, and just remain aware of what is happening around you - do not believe what you see or fail to see in the appearance world - it is changing moment to moment and appearances are often false.
It is possible that Mike Quincy:-
1. is an authentic receiver of messages from the Galactic Federation of (Sacred Fire) Light Forces, and is communicating the truth - who are you going to believe - OR
2. is working for the CIA - it is possible that the CIA plans a black flag operation during the Olympics - if so, be wise. 
Perhaps you need to seek the Truth from your own Heart and not place any reliance upon the world of appearances which often is false.
I also found this message which caught my attention as well.
Ashtar's Message Regarding August 4th, 2012
"Greetings, Beloved Family! We are in awareness of the announcement that we will be de-cloaking at your Olympic Games on the date of August 4th, and we wish to address this in several ways.
"First, as you know, we are not in the practice of giving dates, and we have several reasons for this, not the least of which are your own safety and peace of mind. Remember that the dominoes are falling in a sequential order, and that it is necessary for all who would block your Freedoms to be removed. Also, we ask that you be aware that many dates have been given in the past for events and announcements and that, when nothing has occurred, it has caused a downward energetic spiral for those who have had hope. In other words, it has given the dark hats more disappointment, despair and depression upon which to feed.
"Now, having said this, we announce to you that we are at the Olympics, and have been there since long before the torch arrived. Our ships are so great in numbers as to literally blanket the sky in layers, and our purpose is to monitor, assist in preventing major 'false flag' events, and most of all, to beam loving messages to all present. Yes, even the video recording devices are picking up our high frequencies and thus relaying them, even though we have remained invisible - for the most part! We are in great Joy and thanks for this opportunity to address such a huge audience, and we express our infinite gratitude for the welcome which you have given to us!!!
"We assure you that we shall continue to appear to you in ever-increasing de-cloakings, and that, when the timing, or sequential flow, arrives at the optimal moment, we shall indeed appear to the entirety of Planet Earth. This moment is so close that we invite you to join with us in the Joy of its envisioning, for it is in the state of absolute and infinite Love and Joy that we perceive our long-awaited and much anticipated reunion with you, our Beloved Ashtar Family, who have volunteered to serve in the ground crew!!! 'Stay tuned' - Salut!"
Given through Susan Leland, August 3, 2012. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2012. All Rights Reserved.

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Hi guys. I would be grateful if you could provide info about fairies and whether they exist. I have keen interest about fairies for unknown reason so I would like to hear from you all first about their existence and how is their lifestyle. Evidence in video, website address or whatever sources submitted here is greatly appreciated.

Please take note that this is just an inquiry, not an opinion. DO NOT submit any comments whatsoever which aims personal attack against me or attracting my ego because as a person spiritually developing, I cannot accept any such energy attacks which will lower my vibration. So please, if you are against this topic, please give un-offensive and constructive comments or leave this blog. We want to keep a clean and positive energy in this blog and this whole Earth. This blog is free open to public so you can even share it with anyone outside the AC. Thank you for your kind attention.

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At first I send this message to my friends via e-mail. As this video receive increasing reaction, something tells me that I must post it here. Sorry if my English is a bit funny.

I dedicate this to all of you, including those who feels that there is no hope in their life. I verily hope that these people could nevertheless spend their time reading and watching this video because I want to help those people and give them hope.

I have just attended courses last Tuesday night titled "ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE" hosted by training executive Sophia and it was quite interesting. BTW, it is not a spiritual course but motivation course for direct selling business.

I learned many things about gratitude in life in this course. Sophia also showed us some video clip and I found this video clip is the most touching one.


Sung Bong Choi, the contender for Korea's Got Talent show was left in orphanage at age 3, ran away at 5 after got beaten and tortured, For the past ten years onwards he live alone selling gums and drinking energy to earn his living. He start to develop interest in singing when he saw a singer perform in a night club while selling gums there. He was impressed with him and start practising himself, which bring him as to now. He is aged 23 as at now. Despite being alone since childhood, he was able to learn about self-reliant and now, with his right called FREE WILL, he was able to create and fulfill something that he thought is unusual and impossible for him.

More about him at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sung-Bong_Choi

A boy, an orphan with very sad past life turns into a powerful vocalist. Truly can't believe it. When I hear him raising his voice, I feel that I can hear the beautiful whisper of an angel. His story and his voice has touched the whole world. He express it of his past life through his powerful voice.

The course has taught me about one thing - gratitude to ourselves. Sophia said "...Try to list at least 4 things everyday what you are grateful of in your tiny message note. Draw cute and attractive sketch inside to strengthen the message and stick it on any visible places either your workdesk, walls etc ...". Well I give an example and I strongly encourage my friends to do so.

1. I AM grateful that I AM still healthy.
2. I AM grateful that I AM still alive.
3. I AM grateful that I have spiritual friends,
4. I AM grateful that I was given lightwork mandate.
5. I AM grateful that I AM still eating healthily.

List everything as many as you can. Each day you have different gratitudes because:-

GRATITUDE can heal you.
GRATITUDE can change your life.
GRATITUDE can restore happiness.
GRATITUDE can erase negativity.
GRATITUDE is unconditional.
GRATITUDE is self-love


If you think the life is unkind to you, what of those in the warzone? What of those beggar on the street whom Sung Bong Choi have been before? What of those who are less fortunate than us?

What are the things in life that is not for you?

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