Melody Lanzatella posted a status
Jun 21
Trying to figure out how to get me ego to pack up and go! (it's worse than getting adult child out!). Any advice from anyone? #LoveandLight

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  • lol ... its  challenging for most of us ... Its is only harmful when our ego is attached to our self importance, which is what the 'ego' is all about, as long as you are honest with yourself, and willing to go forward this 'little' hindrance should be look at like 'a moving cloud' or you can challenge it and face it stregth on its face. As there are many aspects of egos there is 'physical ego' there is 'spiritual ego' etc, anything that involves some sort of knowlege there is an ego and self importance. But the key is to know the difference, the point that you post it as a 'status' speaks that you are in the process to do just what you've said.

  • You cannot get rid of your ego just tame it...In the past you needed it to survive so therefore you reacted when you needed to and made decisions based on what you understood at the time...Now it would be a good idea to befriend it, allow it to be an observer, not interfere in who you really are or who you are discovering about your true Self...I have many times self talk to my ego and tried being understanding and  kind explaining to it that I am not trying to get rid of it but only wishing for it to step aside and observe so that my real Self can flourish, ..At the same time I have been comtemplating all that I practiced in the past when I got my ego involved in my daily life, and now I let go of those traits of my personality that do not serve me at all...Those reactions that were of anger, fear and so many negative feelings..Now I am more humble, simple and truthful and unafraid... I hope this gave you some start on being kind and loving to your ego without allowing for any interference in your search for your Higher Self which is who you really are...Blessings and much Love 

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