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April 19

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I am 43 trans disabled person 6'2" 218 ibs, brown hair.andromedan my primary interests as of right now are atlantean crystal devices such as power rods and crystal headbands, ormus user, hermetics,and a isian pagan, yoga and chi gong op>

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none self taught

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  • So glad to hear that the L-Glutamine is working well for you and I appreciate your letting me know. You should let Katt Leila know about this. I know that with my own experience, it was facing my fears that ultimately healed me whole. I still have occasional ibs bouts when I go into fear mode. My love and continued healing energy to you.
  • Thank you!! Love and blessing to all!! In light
  • Glad you got the Telos books as they are amazing and Lord Adama being telepathic will soon connect you to Telos. The wisdom in these books are down to Earth and are for this moment NOW to create a better future for surface people. Also try and get other books by Aurelia Louise Jones.
  • the image below is AMUN-RA,and this one is sekmet,many blessings eve(solaena)

  • dear star priestess,thankyou for your greetings today,have a very blessed week,love,light,blessings eve(solaena)

  • dear star priestress,thankyou for your friendship,i see you have a great interest in crystals,a crystal i would recommend at this time of earths history(and especially if you are a starseed,as it is very imporatnt attire of crystal for them at this time,is PURPLE SUGILITE,sending you many blessings your way,love,light,blessings eve(solaena)

  • Dear Star Priestess
    I am honered to be your friend..and sister.
    Namaste and much Love to you
    Staesister Soli Trinsia
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star_priestress posted a video
phlosopy of the martians
Nov 2, 2020
star_priestress posted a blog post
i feeling ok  right that might change depending on  my parents in pecular my mom. but last night  i did one of necessary feminine rituals shaving  my body . it felt good  nair  and razors, ok nair might be toxic but have to use it. also did prayers…
Mar 8, 2011
star_priestress left a comment on Spiritual & Physical Detox
"also is there a guide a book  tell you how to detox safely?"
Mar 7, 2011
star_priestress left a comment on Spiritual & Physical Detox
"is this part of the topic, any of you dealing  ibs how you detox just wondering"
Mar 7, 2011

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"didn't the Inka's from meso America have a God named Quetzalcoatl?"
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"What is the name of the Sirian and Plejaren language in their own language?"
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"Interesting the meaning names within the GLF.

The name Quetzal is an odd one though. I expect him to spend more time on this planet after First Contact. He will be around ✨🛸✨"
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"Biden may have Parkinsons disease. Check out the video; I have seen this symptom. click https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2024/06/condition-may-causing-bide..."
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"aoc and the rest of the dempn dems are trying to gin up more riots starting on the 4rth-and looting, raping, killing"
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Pfizer CEO says COVID was just a test… “a rehearsal” for something bigger yet to come06/23/2024 // Cassie B. // 4.9K Views Tags: badhealth, Big Pharma, bioweapons, conspiracy, covid-19, deep state, obey, outbreak, pandemic, Pfizer, Plague, prophecy,…
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"Glad you enjoyed it friend. Plenty more to come :) I wanna get more Sheldan material on here soon also."
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"Parliamentary Secretary for Men’s Behavior Change.
Australia Introduces Controversial Mind Control Ministry Aimed at Controlling & Changing Men’s Behavior
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