Perth, Western Australia


January 28

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Hi I'm a 43 year old Australian male into spirituality, and I'm looking to make new friends.

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  • Hey Splinter!


    Thankyou for requesting and hope you enjoy your time here



  • Hi s_c_au.. My names Andy, pleased to meet ya. I live in Adelaide.. Im 27 and also looking for some answers... I am into a bit of everything but mainly I have researched what might be in store for us in the coming year or so.. interested in pyschic protection, visualising and using my energy balls (figuring out what the hell they are).. And trying so damm hard to get my memories back.. all in good time though.. Hope you find what you are looking for..

    Take Care, Peace, Love =)

  • This is the only site like this I know... more often than not the content on this site annoys me to be honest. Bit too 'airy-fairy' for my liking.. but the people are really lovely for the most part.
  • Namaste! I always love to see fellow Aussies on here.

    Admittedly I'm not on here all that often, but I try to get on once a week at least!


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splinter_cell_au commented on Krissy's video
"love the music and the clip. there's something about american indians chanting!"
May 7, 2011
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"nice pic'"
Apr 27, 2011
splinter_cell_au left a comment for Apocalypstick
"I couldn't have said it better, airey fairey. I hope you and your family have a happy easter.Take care "
Apr 22, 2011
splinter_cell_au commented on Karma's Helper's video
  what sort of filter were you using on your camera?"
Apr 21, 2011

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