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WE have it ALL

ALL is under FULL control of Team Trump and the Galactic Alliance.

The global DEEP STATE actors have clearly been identified and will be removed. WE have it ALL. There is NOTHING more THEY can do to escape from what is now coming. Having refused opportunity to make good, they sealed their own fate. JUSTICE is coming!


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He only has 13 days to put this dog down.

Military takedowns and arrests begin this weekend and will continue forward for the next 13 days/ nights/ Some international raids have already started. Italy has been found complicit in our election fraud.

Everyone will be getting emergency SOS alerts on their phones, TVs, radios & the Internet. It will override all other broadcasts and could last for several hours at a time. Do not be scare of what's coming as it is for the safety of our nation for this to unfold.

DO NOT travel to any large cities (especially Philadelphia) for the rest of the month. Military operations will be taking place in many of the major corrupt cities. People will start rioting once this intel breaks thinking Trump is a military dictator.

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