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  • Hi Shan-Athana,

    Please write to me directly at and visit my website

    I lived in Asia for more than two decades. The music of Crystal Magic Orchestra was well known in Japan, and I also sang on national media broadcasts in Korea and Japan.

    I would love to get plugged in to the ears of those in China.

    Come to my site and go to the Listening Page.


    Dr. Angela Barnett

  • Dear shan-athana, thanks for making a friendship. Our first family ancestor were originated from china in about 16 century. Nice to know you on the ACC! Seban.

  • Thanks Shan-Athana for your request.

    Nice to see people from all around the world here



  • 你好~我是新浪的sunyata,看了你的置顶来这里也注册了账号,只是我英文不好也不太会用这个博客呢+_+……能加我好友吗?感谢!

  • Thanks a lot for being my friend.


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July 13

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i am guide by my heart.

shan-athana replied to Kelly Lightchalice's discussion Buddha's Light Has Appeared- Beautiful Picture :)
"yes,it is our hometown,i am chinese and a buddhist"
Feb 3, 2016
shan-athana replied to J'Tariah En Ra El's discussion UPLOADING ALL LIGHTWORKERS! "Codes for New Earth" Meditation -- Ashtar -- AWAKEN to your *True Self* -- DOWNLOAD Your Codes from the STARGATES Now!
"this is correct article in chinese 【阿什塔指挥官】新地球密码冥想 【翻 译】shan-athana
Sep 24, 2014
shan-athana commented on Dr. Angela Barnett's blog post SIX AVATARS WHO RESTORED OUR DNA
"i have translated into chinese,this is web:"
Sep 23, 2014
shan-athana left a comment for Dr. Angela Barnett
"dear Dr. Angela Barnett,i am from china,i like your channel,and has traslated them into chinese.great"
Sep 22, 2014

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"Physicists need to go back to spiritualism to go beyond observing the this 3d world-there are endless layers or planes where people live-it's amazing -from one to the next-subtle differences in clothing or the way things 'look'-it's probably…"
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