Trissur , Kerala State


July 23

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I am a 45 age female from India, I am interested in spirituality, I cant differentiate spirituality and materialism, to me it is one whole thing. I love to listen to channeling s of various types and I surprisingly found a uniformity in all the messages delivered through channeling s,

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

I was born in a muslim family, and I was introduced to the Holy scripture of Muslims which is Quran, I can say, I have seen a lot of things in it, which i heard through the channeling s, I came to know that the source is the same single one, the higher realm of all

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  • Oh sweet Shakeelajalee, (LOVE your name!)
    My problem does seem to be over, yes. And it took a lot of instinct on how to survive this latest horror in my life...I do feel that by working through it that I must be gaining consciousness, otherwise, I fear I would have reacted like an amnesiac human, causing more problems instead of bringing in light.

    I have learned that no matter what happens with our galactic future, or our Golden Age, I am still here, NOW, dealing with life as usual in the eyes of my family....I must respect their soul's paths and tend to my own garden.
  • hello thatha,

    great ningal and Rune are friends ;)

    umal pyangra busy arnu, pakshe nyan ninniku email send chaydu

    birthday was excellent!

    <3 love!

  • Greetings Dear Sister, I have received your email.  Our God will not allow your health to worsen.  Very soon you will manifest perfect health!   You are surrounded by the white light of Love!   Take this time to relax and meditate and to not worry about a thing!   I am thinking of you.  All my Love!  Your Sis Yvonne8114211853?profile=original8114211669?profile=original

  • Thank you for the friendship !

  • 8114208689?profile=originalHello, Sister!  How is the Wedding so far?   Love to you until we talk again!  Your Sis, Yvonne

  • Okay, so if you want to post pictures and/or videos:  When you write a message or comment, in the far right side, you will see an icon that says HTML.  When you run your cursor over the icon it says HTML Editor, then click it.  If you run your cursor over the icon again, it will say Return to Visual Mode...that is what it should say.  You can type anything you want in this mode, but the code can only be translated and used in this way.  I hope this helps!



  • Greetings to My Sweet Sister!  I realize you are busy readying your family for an upcoming wedding.  I \would still8114211064?profile=original like to send special Love your way!  See you soon!   Your Sister, Yvonne

  • ok tha tha, nee eniku email send chay after wedding

    to yahoo... <3 love!


  • hello thaatha,

    hows it going? nyan ninniku email send chaydu

    wishing love! <3


  • 8114206689?profile=originalSending love from Hawaii Shakeelajaleel.....

This reply was deleted.
shakeelajaleel replied to rlmstudio's discussion GETTING GNARLY NOW... My Wife Just Asked Me To Leave My Own Home since I AM SCARING HER !!@?%!!
"I sent my LOVE to you, YOU ARE A STRONG HUMAN, smile , talk to your kid, love her , hug her, tell her dont be afraid,
her daddy is ok, and look in to her eyes, you can see she trusts you and a smile of relief in her eyes,

talk to kid"
Jun 16, 2012
shakeelajaleel left a comment for YvonneAvalon
"Thank you Yvonne,
iam feeling well now, not too bad , as before,
love you Yvonne"
Jun 8, 2012
shakeelajaleel left a comment for YvonneAvalon
"Yvonne, my dear sister, what you sent , i love it too much, the pics are so beautiful, love u , i had been thinking of you for two days, and iam happy to see your posts and msgs, love u dear"
Jun 1, 2012
shakeelajaleel left a comment for nishad kapoor
"Hello Nishad,
Happy to be your friend,"
May 31, 2012

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