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  • I Am Glad Of Being Of Service,What I Send You Is What Really Will Happen Before The End Of This Year We Have To Be Relocated From the Surface And Let Mother Earth Do Her Job So She Can Return To Be Pristine,The Garden Of Even That She Alway Is,Allready Hollow Earth,Telos And Other Inner Civilizations Live In Fifth Dimension, So Only The Surface Is Currently In Fourth Dimension And The Fifth Dimension Will Be Globally .Fifth Dimension Is The doorway To The Other Dimensions8113973053?profile=original

  • Sorry Is Important Message But I Have To Breakdown It Was To Big8113925891?profile=original

  • Drunvalo ended the lecture by saying, "It appears right now that the shift will take place, according to how everything is going, around the fall of 1998." Barbara Hand Clow who wrote the Pleadian Agenda <>  thought it will happen byJune 21, 1998..

  • First, you have Akhenaten as one of the Pharaohs, illustrating unity consciousness - "that which we would become". He walked around for a few years and put that into the grid. He created the seed from which the Essene Brotherhood grew. From them eventually came Mary and Joseph, who made it possible for the introduction again of unity consciousness through Yeshua Ben Joseph, referred to as Jesus. When Jesus started telling people "love each other, love your enemies", no one wanted to hear it - people were in duality consciousness and it didn't make any sense. Knowing now about 4th dimensional consciousness - it should make sense. The words he spoke are powerful and true, and we need to take the knowledge and make it part of our lives.

    All the efforts of unity consciousness beings who have come to 3rd dimensional Earth have been in an effort to heal the process that occurred in Atlantis.

  • Injection of Christ/Unity Consciousness Models Into The Planetary Grids

    Many individual entities have manifested themselves on this planet in order to illustrate the possibilities in unity consciousness. After the introduction of writing, a model was need in order to inject an example into the akashic/ morphic field and into the memory of man that unity consciousness was an option. Jesus, who had been through a great number of dimensional levels, was the entity who accomplished that purpose. Because of his efforts, the IDEA of man-unity consciousness is within the MEMORY of man to act as a model. It is also within the grid around the planet.

  • Your new "Parents"

    Relative to these beings you will encounter, your new "parents", you already will have a "karmic" bond with them; they will guide and protect you during the first two years until you can go out on your own. They realize your true divine nature as part of the creation, unlike Earth parents, many of whom view their children as "possessions" to be "controlled". If your new parents wanted to tell you something, you would simply experience it. If they wanted to tell you about a room, you would be in it. It is sort of like an extension of a higher level of dream time from the 42+2 level of consciousness. The 4th dimensional realm is really not that much different than the 3rd dimension in some ways. It's still a world which has a physical aspect to it.

  • A very high level of dimensional consciousness has as its "body" the planet Earth. You, on a high level of consciousness <> , have as your body the body you are currently using. Literally, someday you will become suns and stars in the sky - it is part of the process of life.

  • All this explains why it is essential that you maintain peace within during the first few hours of the dimensional interface and progression into the next area of dimensional consciousness. Again, work on your character. The moment you establish the Merkaba during this time, you've made it. Its the inner technology that is most important. Helping others is very important. As you understand more of what this is about, you have a moral responsibility to help if they ask.

    Your Cosmic Development

    During this shift, there is a polarity with your "higher self <> " which merges into your current state of consciousness to the point where you and it become one.

  • After the entities who are not resonant ("chaff") are gone and the resonant entities ("wheat") remain, one of the first things that begins to happen is that you begin to realize that "hey, whatever I think happens!". Usually people look at their bodies in this light and begin to change their appearance to suit whatever idealized image they have in mind - it's a childlike exercise. If you look at some of the non-terrestrial races, they are all tall, beautiful and healthy. The self-modification of body structure is a natural occurrence from the 4th dimension onward. It is a creative expression. After that, other things become more interesting as activities.

    On Earth in the 3rd dimension, it takes roughly 18-21 years to go from a baby to someone who can go out and take care of themselves. On the 4th dimensional world, experientially, it takes about two years to go from your present size and state (when you first arrive) to an adult - and you start growing again. Your body grows, your head elongates in the back, and you end up looking like Ahknaton. This is what the Egyptian egg of metamorphosis what about.

  • which will result in your being thrown back into a lower dimension.

    At the same time, the "wheat" is going through, and sitting there and thinking "love, truth, beauty, peace and harmony" - and that is what happens. You start manifesting all of it. You become stable in the new reality because of what you are thinking and feeling - your character and who you are. Jesus, referring to this time, said "if you live by the sword you shall die by the sword" and "the meek shall inherit the Earth". Those who are there and not trying to protect, kill or anything else along those lines, but just being and thinking positive thoughts - that is what manifests, and you've just won the game.

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September 9

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ive always been on this spiritual journey, so many years have brought me to this wonderful place of higher love and understanding. im elated to have found home. i am a mother of two super stupendous boys and as much as i do for them, i know that there is still so much more that i can do, with just a conscious effort, to make this earth a haven for my boys, my self, my communtity and fellow brothers and sisters. i am a pleiadian starseed and i have much to learn and share, explore and love.

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my higherself/ I AM presence. nature. pretty much everything and everyone.

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"Wow, that was a ride. Thank you for sharing. I'm quite new to all this galactic unity and aside from individual ascension and activation I know little of the changes we can hope to experience. Your relaying of that message has painted a lovely…"
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"Thank you for the welcome! I'm glad to be here."
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Just curious as to anyone's opinions on using binaural beats as an aid in meditation...
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"Thank you so much, when I read this the other night it made me cry tears of joy and elation. I had been unbalanced and craving some direction, I was asking for some light and I this was the first blog I've read on the site and it was perfect. It…"
Mar 1, 2012

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