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  • asking for your friendship xxxx
  • Thankyou, for accepting my invitation of friendship
    GOD BLESS to all of the HEALERS.
    We may be able to help each other some day.
  • Thank you for your friendship, it is my honor. I look forward to getting to know you more through sharing on this love filled site. In answer to your question about extraterrestrials, it is true that we are all parts of the godforce and that they are our brothers and sisters in creation together and we are all parts of the godforce of love. Like humans, within aliens there are all kinds of strengths and weaknesses and characteristics, and differing beliefs, different body forms, civilizations and worlds and for the most part we are pretty much in the dark about them and so often form conclusions about them without knowing much about them at all. I can only speak about the ones that I have had physical contact with, and even still there is so much I do not know about them. But even though my dealings with them were not good experiences, I am sure there are good intentions and bad within any species, so I try not to generalize. There are wondrous and loving species out there and ones that seem to not be benevolent, just like with humans, I think that is universal, the polarity of life. So often we fear that which we do not understand, which is unfortunate, but that is part of being human. At the end of the day, love is the most important tool to understanding our extraterrestrial family and our fellow humans.

    Have a wonderful weekend and we will share again soon I hope.

    Love and Peace

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  • Claro que si! entregaremos este 13 de nov. harmemos un video para compartir con todos..
    apenas esté te mando el link

    abrazo desde esta bella tierra
  • OH! veo q estas enterad@...
    si, es mi trabajo, a eso nos dedicamos.
    Estamos trabajando para ustedes, para ser un canal de elevacion a través de la música...
    apenas grabe algo, lo subiré para que lo sientas...
    un abrazo fuerte!
  • thanks for the compliment :-)
  • Greetings Samadhi_ Grace !

    Few months ago we had a brief talk together before the "collapsing" and I see you still are among us.
    As "old soul" how do you find all messages brought in these actual days ? I remenber when I had close contacts with one of my close friends -an old soul who followed the I AM in USA between the 30' and the 40', I think you are in the same vibration which gets up more and more as you become more conscious of this true state.
    Did you have felt the change at the beginning of this year ? As Commander *LightSpeed * announces it "Shift Happens", we are now in the Fifth Dimension !
    Receive my Blessings and my Respect to you !
    Sincerely Yours,
This reply was deleted.
samadhi_grace replied to Shelby's discussion 2 aliens
"this dream is nothing to worry about.

first of all an incubus (male) and secubus (female) are demons that "sleep"/have sex with your during your sleep. they are real.

in your dream, you are the creator/artist and you were simply playing around…"
Aug 11, 2010
samadhi_grace replied to Jazmin's discussion 'Natural Vaccine Detox' by Steve Barwick in Spiritual & Physical Detox
"good thing you transcribed, the link is no longer active as of today

Aug 11, 2010
samadhi_grace left a comment on Spiritual & Physical Detox
"completed a liver/gallbladder flush this morning, and i feel good

i have been a lacto-ovo vegetarian for many years, but decided this month to become fully vegan, and sugar-free. i use stevia/sugarcane blends only!

this month august, is a very…"
Aug 11, 2010
samadhi_grace replied to Leo's discussion Bleeding from the lungs
"Sending healing your way.

Aug 11, 2010

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