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May 3

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  • Hi Rose, I am just stopping by to wish you an awesome Sunday.....Loving all my friends, so glad you are part of my journey. Be blessed and be well.


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  • you are loved
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  • Thank you for your friendship, it is my honor. I really enjoy your posts and comments as well. Have a wonderful week. I am off to bed...I have been building furniture all day, the kind that comes in a box and then you have to assemble, and have total brain frazzle. The insturctions had no words...just pictures, and not good ones at that....It has been a challenge, but finally getting somewhere.

    L:ove and all things devine...


  • That sounds awesome!  Count me in :)  Looking forward to the future!
  • Good to be your friend Rose...Lucius has commented on the video about Sirian Dolphins and does not agree with it.
    I am not an expert on Dolphins but I liked the video and did a research on Dolphins on the Internet and my comments are based on what I have read. We all know that there is lots of false knowledge on the Internet so it makes it difficult to be near 100% on any subject but we can only try. If you have more knowledge please answer Lucius's comment as he claims to know more stating that he is a Sirian.
  • haha totally! what's up? this site is pretty interesting, im not into the UFO-religion type thing but definitely seems like a lot of cool people are here.
  • Hi Rose, thanx for your coment but id you check the date at the top of the rant you'l see it's not dated to yesterday.
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rose Farrington replied to John Jancar's discussion Keep on keeping strong! The finish line is near, we are on the cusp of major transformation, don't give up now!
"come together and create a field…we're the ones to do it…we're the ones who to empower disclosure and all the other events we seem to be awaiting"
May 8, 2011
rose Farrington replied to Gab1159's discussion THEY ARE COMING! ... 2 !
"it's all so transparent…keep your eyes on the sky….keep feeding your energies into something that "may" happen…do folks have any clue how their consciousness is harnessed to feed the current conventional malaise
we're here, have been here for a…"
May 4, 2011
rose Farrington left a comment on Starseeds from Sirius
"GreenTownEarth's search is on for a few real deal galactic facilitators…it's time to cooperatively surge sacred waters into a tree of all life on Earth……nice doorway in place…and, please, if ascension is your path…other games are appropriate
May 2, 2011
rose Farrington left a comment on Starseeds from Sirius
"Hi, Grammanet and Sungela….awesome isn't it !April was all potential exposed and cosmic boom…the 1st of May has produced real time, real stuff…..have been seeking a few others who came here together with approximately the same mission….would like to…"
May 2, 2011

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  Clearing The Cords - Energy Forecast For November 2023 By Emmanuel Dagher Hi my friend,How are you? Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule every month to connect with me in this way. We’ve entered the time we have long prepared…
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NOTE: TO GET RID OF ANNOYING ADVERTISING; LEFT-CLICK ON LEFT SIDE OF SCREEN. Real-time planetary aspects (as opposed to transits to the natal horoscope) is used in this report. The interest rate analyzed with the real-time planetary transits applied…
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