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Hello Everyone

I am very pleased to be a member and hope that I may learn and exchange ideas on the site. I have kinda walked my path alone, being terrified of the things that I was seeing when I was a child, with nobody to guide me. My father was Catholic and my mother Jehovah Witness, my insights had never gone down well at home. They viewed me as being a child of the Devil. I was raised Catholic and rejected these teachings when I was about 16. I then struggled for years, running away from myself, the fact, that I was so very different from all I met posed great problems for me, I still wrestle with the isolation today.

I went back to University at 34 and obtained my degree in Psychology, which I have always been interested in. At the same time I suffered two major heart attacks, but plowed through and graduated 1997 against all advice. I sat my exams in the medical centre with a doctor standing by. The severity of the damage my heart took should have killed me, and I have been told several times, there is no more they can do for me. I have a pacemaker defibrillator which regulates my heart. I am relatively well presently but have periods of major illness.

I believe that I have been in and out of the spirit realm ever since. I feel many times at the point of death I have been pushed back . I am guided by Guardian Angels, and am aware of Extra-terrestrials around but have limited contact as yet. I am delighted to have so many guides from different dimensions hovering, I feel communication of a different nature is imminent hence the reason for my joining the community.

I have been blessed with clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience I have strong telepathic ability. I have prophetic dreams and have had the gift of prophesy since childhood. I have always glimpsed aspects of future. My greatest gifts are empathy, integrity, and a strong ability to lead and teach. Presently, I am focused on the healing side of my nature and am working with crystals in self healing.

I hope to make many friends here and look forward to communicating
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