July 2

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i am German and want to meet people to talk nice way about life

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  • Thank you my wonderful sister !!!!!!!!!
  • Thank you my friend. You are fond of butterflies..
    This is for you.

    PEACE LOVE and LIGHT to everyone.

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  • Hi Patricia! Thank You for leaving your comments on my profile.
    I hope we can be friend as well....

    PEACE, LOVE ans LIGHT to evryone.
  • Thanks for the butterflies. I am getting butterfly pictures from different people all day. I think spirit wants me to see that I am to fly in my path.

    as I honor the mother that holds the trees.
    Music plays with the rustling leaves and
    I can hear birds dance in a blue blue sky.
    The little ants travel in a wooden sea of hills
    while the earth carries the strength
    for all to drift in a moment without time.>

  • I saw the picture you sent David and this is what emerged so here it is back at ya. Have a great day.

    Oh yes I vibrate, I vibrate
    in the energy of a green emerald diamond.
    My very being is that of seeing
    and releasing the green energies
    that can be held in all.
    My sisters the butterfly,
    takes my messages
    exploding them with light tickles
    both near and wide.
    They add the shades
    of love sometimes forgotten
    into your consciousness.
    For a time, a time where you can see
    with open eyes and a warm heart.
  • What a pleasure to meet you!!

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"Thank you for Friendship:-) all love and blessings for you from Germany Patricia"
Jun 16, 2010

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