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October 21

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I have posted channeled messages on my site (metagroups.info) from the Ashtar Command.

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  • This is what Spirit gave me today about this date.  It's exciting! Thanks for sharing it with your friends that are interested in what is happening in this time of change.

    All of my daily messages will speak to some people, See which ones attract you.


    YouTube channel: paradoxman316



    We enter the time of completion, the 9th Wave in the evolution of consciousness. It is a time for awakening, to stop our resistance and allow our minds and hearts to open to the love we all are. This begins the culmination of the ride of many lifetimes that will end in the greatest celebration the worlds have ever known.

    This is it - what we've been waiting for since the beginning! Today begins the fulfillment of many prophecies from many cultures. Heaven and earth merge, giving birth to a new humanity. Everything changes!
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  • great  see you here   this  the  place   your  not  be  judge  to  share  wath  the  field  and  asend  people  send  you trow  telepathie   and mesgae   mysteriously  apear    nothing to  fear      you greatly  surende by light     you be evrywhere soon     this pro    sort falling sadness   feel  into many    its  starting  to  emrge  a  greater joy      nevr   seing before  


    tought     fly   high       

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  • Welcome to the team...
  • Welcome to Ashtar Command Crew Paradoxman316!!
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paradoxman316 posted a video
Clearing up confusion as to the start date of the ninth wave of the evolution of consciousness. Ron reminds us that we ARE the New Humanity that is Co-Creati...
Nov 2, 2020
paradoxman316 replied to Mr.Ed's discussion WHAT GUIDANCE CAN WE TRUST WHEN THERE IS SO MUCH DECEPTION? by Ron Van Dyke (Video)
"Mr. Ed, thanks for posting this. I just listened to it again, which I rarely do. Most of the time I only listen once when the video is first posted. Anyway, it sounded like good advice. I hope people who may be struggling with this are encouraged.…"
Sep 28, 2013
paradoxman316 replied to Mr.Ed's discussion CVACs & THE G-20 SUMMIT IN RUSSIA by Ron Van Dyke (Video)
"Thanks for posting this here. Everyone needs to become aware of the good things that are happening in our world."
Sep 5, 2013
paradoxman316 commented on paradoxman316's video
"Just so you know, I do videos every day. They are posted on my YouTube account; paradoxman316 and on Facebook under my own name."
Mar 13, 2011

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