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  • Thanks. I enjoy and have learned a lot from the Ashtar Command Site.

  • Thank You for the warm welcome.

    I'm looking forward to a most interesting time in our history

    Blessings in Love and Peace

  • Thank you. This is a wonderful place and knowing that we create our own reality is so empowering. Peace
  • Thanks for the warm welcome. You are loved.

  • Thank you for the welcome, sister. :)

  • You are the most welcome my friend
    If i can help i do it with pleasure

  • In a word : tell me what you do to tell you what you are..good or bad

    So knowledge must be used with wisdom and love to not go to the Dark Side

    I think you understand the NEED of some for more Power and Control

    But they have the knowledge but they forget about wisdom and love and that take them to the Dark Side who it is more "nice" in this material world then the use of spiritual world who it is good for your soul

  • I know for some will be no easy task but I Am hire to help you all and i am not alone

  • So you all must Remember the same

  • Unfortunate can be done only by the Few

    Only by Ascended Masters

    And true from many millenia ago only the few climb the ladder and Change the View

    And it is not easy to obtain that ballace

    But all of this can be done by all with hard work ,love and dedication

    Took me 25 years to reach the high state of mind ,soul and body

    But in fact for me took less then 2 years because i done this several times in the past lives and it was much easy this time to be Awake

    In fact all i need it was just to Remember 

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Raleigh, NC


December 19

About Yourself

i believe there are as many paths to "god" as there are people to take them. the journies are very different, but the ultimate destination is the same. for myself, i belive that we are connected to the entire universe and that finding the answers depends upon how well we listen to the "voice within." there is so much more, but that is a good start.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

i would like to think that everything is my teacher - from the rock, to people, to spirits, to animals and to the things we can only imagine.

nighteyes left a comment on Ancient Civilizations
"hey darling!  great to see you're still around!  sorry I fell off the face of the earth after my trip.  that's a whole story unto itself - the trip story- but i'm back.
looking at your inca videos.  I always wanted to go to Macchu Picchu.  but after…"
Jun 12, 2017
nighteyes commented on Meindert Arends's blog post 25 Characteristics You May Find In Those Who Are Awakening
"holy cow!  you hit another homerun.  your timing is perfect meindert!  and thank you Athena, i'm finding it has similar effects on me, but I don't usually have a problem the next day.  the other thing I have going on is that my body thermostat is…"
Jun 4, 2015
nighteyes commented on Meindert Arends's blog post Humanity Healing: Ascension Symptoms: DNA Upgrade
"i'm experiencing some nausea as well jim.  but the thing that aggravates me the most is my thermostat.  I have been through the "hot flashes" of menopause, but what i'm experiencing now is different.  now, these heat episodes come on more gently…"
May 1, 2015
nighteyes commented on amparo alvarez's blog post WHAT A SHAMAN SEES IN A MENTAL HOSPITAL...
"i have long had an interest in this topic.  i have often wondered if indigenous cultures have a much better grasp on mental illness than western medicine.  at one point, i was contemplating going back to school for my phd and studying this issue.  i…"
Aug 25, 2014

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"Yes, we are one Family. Spacers are our Familys from the Stars. Brothers and Sister anyway. It's logical we are not alone."
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"Have heard that it slows down the aging process"
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"Sounds cool.☺ I love life, but I fear no death. Infact I long for it, but I love this life as well. Death is like a roaring lion, but which has no teeth.

Spacers = space brothers and sisters?"
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"Yes and we can't take anything with us. Just the memory. That's why it's important to collect positive memories, if possible. I wonder if I am ready to leave everything. This can also be done for another reason. Perhaps we need to be temporarily…"
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"Every day we should remind ourselves that we will die, even when we are healthy."
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"My heart!"
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