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December 19

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i believe there are as many paths to "god" as there are people to take them. the journies are very different, but the ultimate destination is the same. for myself, i belive that we are connected to the entire universe and that finding the answers depends upon how well we listen to the "voice within." there is so much more, but that is a good start.

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i would like to think that everything is my teacher - from the rock, to people, to spirits, to animals and to the things we can only imagine.

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  • thank you

    have a great day

    love and light

  • Hi Nighteyes. Thanks for the welcome greeting - I look forward to following your contributions on the site.

  • Thank you for the warm greeting!

    Australia has been even more amazing than Florida and California.

    It is truly a magical place to live with so much focus on the natural art of healing and clairvoyants are naturally accepted. Many resources of spiritual healing. 

    Have a blessed and amazing day.

  • Tnx

  • Thank you! and I see you're in Raleigh.  I lived in Winston for 30 years, and am working on moving to Charlotte.  I've been in Tampa, Fl for a dozen years now, and I'm ready to come home. 

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    Dear Nighteyes,

    Thank your for being my friend!

    I am Meindert Arends from The Netherlands

    Retired Head-Master of an elementary-school.

    I worked with all sorts of kids, also Indigo's.

    And I know it's is not an easy "game".

    Love, light and laughter,

    Your friend Meindert. 


  • Thanks Nighteyes! yes, we do, I have a friend in Hawaii that also loves bats, he has been studying them for decades. As for a breeding program, I'll ask him about it, maybe he knows of one? Great to see you here. :)

  • Hello Nighteyes! Anything of interest happening back home? I am from a town called Snow Hill- about 10 miles East of Goldsboro. I have family in the Raleigh-Durham area and just came back from Goldsboro 2 weeks ago, back to Georgia!

  • 8114139871?profile=original8114003467?profile=original8114080057?profile=original8113982690?profile=originalStay blessed nighteyes!

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nighteyes left a comment on Ancient Civilizations
"hey darling!  great to see you're still around!  sorry I fell off the face of the earth after my trip.  that's a whole story unto itself - the trip story- but i'm back.
looking at your inca videos.  I always wanted to go to Macchu Picchu.  but after…"
Jun 12, 2017
nighteyes commented on Meindert Arends's blog post 25 Characteristics You May Find In Those Who Are Awakening
"holy cow!  you hit another homerun.  your timing is perfect meindert!  and thank you Athena, i'm finding it has similar effects on me, but I don't usually have a problem the next day.  the other thing I have going on is that my body thermostat is…"
Jun 4, 2015
nighteyes commented on Meindert Arends's blog post Humanity Healing: Ascension Symptoms: DNA Upgrade
"i'm experiencing some nausea as well jim.  but the thing that aggravates me the most is my thermostat.  I have been through the "hot flashes" of menopause, but what i'm experiencing now is different.  now, these heat episodes come on more gently…"
May 1, 2015
nighteyes commented on amparo alvarez's blog post WHAT A SHAMAN SEES IN A MENTAL HOSPITAL...
"i have long had an interest in this topic.  i have often wondered if indigenous cultures have a much better grasp on mental illness than western medicine.  at one point, i was contemplating going back to school for my phd and studying this issue.  i…"
Aug 25, 2014

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