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Look around for answers

This a blog to make you think.

1. What makes water, water? why did two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom decided to get together.

2. Why do we see water and why do we feel it as gas is its composite?

3. Why does white light become coloured once reflected on water/air(Look inside a rearprojection tv its the same process)?

4. Why do stars when photographed on the south pole only make round light trails and not arcs with time lapsed photography?

5. Why do the north and south pole always point to the same celestrial Pole stars(yet we orbit the sun)?

6. Why is it that we apparantly orbit the sun yet every night the southern cross is above me(is it following me around the sun in orbit, if the stars where fixed you would loose sight of it eventuallly for a period) ?

7.Why have we been here for 6 thousand years and women, blacks and technology have only just been let off the chain for the last coupla hundred years? Did some group want to change mental reasoning from spiritual fear to technology blindness?

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Google This

Heres something to check out. Google 115lat 32long In Western Australia This is the residence of the Agonis centre a 2million dollar build by the brotherhood.They bought the whole block on albany hwy so they could give the building the right number to add up to the prime of 9 The master magians number.(The other half the blocks been left unused).So what is the big whohar about this spot. Well back in 1780 the Templars came out here to Raise the serpent that Isis Slew.The site of the ritual is now on display but the generally public doesnt know what their looking at,its pretty funny.Now how did i find this spot, the answer is in pslam 90/91 , i witnessed 9998 heads on fire stacked up to form a column and didnt now what i had seen. It was my uncle that told me where to look and what/who i am and also told a few fibs to cover the Templars asses that didnt work.Come check it out ,ill even give you a tour and the true translation of the bible.
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Hello Group.

Just a quick note to let this loon community a chance of understanding life a little more about how to live happily. I was concieved on the 9/9/1971 born a hermphrodite male of the Knights Templar bloodline. An apology first to the Jews that where killed looking for a person born in 6/6/1932.The description of the scarlet women riding the beast was bit of a rough description of me St Thomas was very accurate in describing my personality and nature.Theres also a another part written in scripture that describes a stone that was cast out with the rubble but would be used and it would be a marvel in the Lords eye this was also a description of me. I do know the truth but truely its not needed by a human as one couldnt understand it any way. There is going to be distruction but it was done at mans own hands , Just how much gold and iron would you need to shift to unbalance a planet, the answer is about 5% in the right spot. Why was gold picked for finance(an evil)?Why has the gold price spiked like no tomorrow(literally)?
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