December 30

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Argon, White Cloud, Merlin,Rising Moon and Anu

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  • Yes Mo I love that picture of the elephant. The elephant looks so happy under that waterfall. BTW did you ever see the video of the elephant that paints? I will go find it and send it to you as it is so amazing.
  • Thank you, you too! :)
  • hey mo :)


    I Can be a Hand Full
    I can be Deap Swim Wear
    Can be Good for Seeing Into habits I Share
    The deapths of All Our Underwear

    I can Look Beyond Deaper
    Where Simplicity Likes To Dwell
    In the World of Simplicty
    Is all Heart Cores Beyond the Shell

    Sometimes I need to Dig Deap
    Test the Waters Cool Warm
    Happy trails Come Outta This
    Touching Souls We Swarm

    So Much Issues We all Spark
    Leading To Own Truths ...
    Lets Reach Out Help all Become
    The Love In Me and You

    Turning Turning Sweep the Floors
    Find Our Ourselves In Heart Felt Core
    Understanding How Precious We R
    Circlestanding We R All A Part

    Opening we Can Do Some More
    Leaving Off The Minor Inner Wars
    Seeing in Each Other the Bigger Plan
    Universal Connecting All That I AM

    All That I Am is All That You Are
    Come Join Bros and Sistas We R not that Far
    Compassion Grows the More We Share
    I Love me More Some and See feel U There

    Dancing Digging We Do to Unfold
    Lets All Join Hands become Cozmic Bold
    Bold be to See beyond Complex Views
    For Within the Core of Heart ...

    There is ...

    Me Another YOU

    ))))))))) Cozmic Hugz (((((((( :) yes .... moon ... I feel it ,,, RJK
  • New video album "Visit to holy dhama" from Srila gurudeva's worldwide preaching is available for spreading the glories of Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu movement! Many movies with morning walks are available on www.purebhakti.tv with free download and also you can send them to your friends from mine www.youtube.com or www.facebook.com page.Please check out new banner link under
    Those who can see this banner is like river with two currents.First one is taking you there and the other one let you taste sweet fruit....simply wonderful.Those who are able to taste it are the most fortunate!
    Markandeyarishi das
    Pure Bhakti
  • Thanks for being my friend !
  • Dearest Mo, I send you my Blessings to you and wish you an Inspirational Experience each and Everyday...
    Love Comments & Graphics
    ~Magickal Graphics~
    Light, Love and Peace to ALL we are ONE...Chichieun xx
  • Hi Mo nice to meet you , I see you are scottish as well.
    Take care
    kind wishes Helen
  • Glad to be your friend. What the meat eaters do not understand is that they will be moved from this planet as it is rising to 5 Dimension. We all have to follow Divine Laws. check my other articles on Facebook: sriradhe1080@yahoo.co.uk.
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mo replied to TMS's discussion Star Seed Astrology Snapshots
"Dear TMS, thakyou so much for the reading,it was very helpful and affirmed some of the places I feel connected to.
love light and blessings."
Oct 25, 2010
mo left a comment for Chichieun
"Dearest Chichieun, thankyou so much for the beautiful pics, have an amazing day my angel, love light and blessings always , hope to speak to you soon.

Big hugs , xxxx"
Oct 24, 2010
mo replied to TMS's discussion Star Seed Astrology Snapshots
"Thankyou so much, it would be great if you can do mine.

30.12.51 High Wych, England time 10.30 am"
Oct 23, 2010
mo replied to Brav3h3art's discussion The Galactic Federation of Light is a lie
"No bloody way does she."
Oct 22, 2010

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"Great blog Ivy! Never saw this, I will have to study some Sirian words now. I don't think I pick up languages easily, but Sirian is a language I would like to master one day."
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