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  • Thats a shame,i thought that it did have the ability to convert in batch,ok do let me know when u find the one!Thanks alot,take care,M:)

  • Lovely to hear back from you!:)

    So yes it would be great to convert all our music,i am going to try a program which is a free download called AUDACITY,have you heard of it?If not i will try and locate the link which is a tutorial on how to use it.My sound engineer friend says it is a good program for "newbies".Good luck!:)

  • Hi Mackie,just thought id send greetings and let you know that thanks to you i got the tuner you recommended and i am now in 432hz and my concerts have taken on a new dimension as a result of it,thanks so much!All the best,Marco:)

  • Hello Mackie,please accept my friendship request so we can communicate more.8109444052?profile=originalRanthom

  • Yes....that is the correct Tom Kenyon.8113978897?profile=original

  • Hello Mackie,I was speaking of the sounds produced by Tom Kenyon.

  • Thanks Mackie,i will check out that Korg tuner,cant wait to be able to tune my bass properly!At the moment it is tuned to 435Hz thats the closest my tuner will do!

    Re.books yes i have Robert Hand,Planets in Transit,i totally understand you wanting to keep his other book!M:)

  • Hello Mackie,actually on the picture ,that is a curved soprano sax.I am presently working on 2 different wind synthesizers.The Yamaha WX5 and the Akai EWI.They both are able to get 432hz.In case you're not familiar with those instruments you can see them on youtube.May I also suggest to you that you check out Tom Kenyon on your search engine?Stay blessed my friend,


  • 8113976271?profile=original8113982690?profile=original

  • Thanks for the reply,its great when we meet kindred spirits!:)Yes we must discuss the 432hz,great that you have a keyboard that does it!Unfortunately til now i cant find an instrument tuner that does it,tho my keyboard does but i play bass guitar and need a tuner for that.As for astrology,i have recently been introduced to a new system...skyview astrology,have you heard of it?Btw what books do you have?I am looking for Robert Hand,Planets in aspect.Speak soon,must go now,al the best,Marco:)

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I am a professional astrologer since many years and before that time I was a medical (pharmacological) researcher at different university hospitals. Since about 10 years my interest in spiritual subjects is increasing. I now follow various serious channelings on the web and practice meditation, EFT and other methods using sound and energy to heighten my frequencies and to help develop new methods of energetic healing.

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Teachers: Prof Arnold Graf Keyserling, Edward Leedskalnin, Manly Palmer Hall, Bruce Lipton, Rupert Sheldrake, Royal Rife, Tesla, Lakhovsky, Maxwell Igen, George Kavassalis, Jordan Maxwell, Grayna Fosar & Franz Bludorf, Konstantin Korotkov, Michael Rice (Irish architect), M.T. Sandborn, Dr. Marcel Vogel, Nassim Haramein, Ibrahim Karim (Egypt), Marko Rodin and Randy Powell, Klaus Heinemann, Victor S. Grebennikov, Dr. N. A. Kozyrev, A. Tiller & Paul Werbos, Eckhart Tolle, Wilhelm Reich,

mackie left a comment for Marco100pc
"Hi Marco100pc, Yes I know Audacity, and even have this software on my Mac. I use it for other jobs, not for tuning conversion because it does not work in batch-mode, only one by one file. But there must be batch software out there. I keep looking…"
Apr 17, 2012
mackie left a comment for Marco100pc
"Hi Marco100pc, Very nice to hear that you got the Korg tuner and switched to 432Hz tuning for your guitar.
It will indeed lift your concerts to a new dimension for the audience and for yourself!
I still am looking on the internet for software (for…"
Apr 17, 2012
mackie left a comment for Ranthom
"Hello Rathom,
Yes I accept your friendship request and saw the nice flying dove (thank you!), but do not know how to accept this request here on this forum other than this kind of reply because I am new here. Blessings, Mackie"
Jan 24, 2012
mackie left a comment for Ranthom
"Hi Ranthom, I have a couple of recordings from Tom Kenyon in mij iTunes collection, like Pituitary Dimensional Attumenment, attunement of the Pineal and others which seem quite usefull for the present ascension. 
A question: do you know if lady GaGa…"
Jan 23, 2012

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