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  • WELCOME TO MY CONSCIOUSNESS & thanking you for ALLOWING ME IN YOUR'S >>>I also thank you for giving me the gift of UR friendship...LOVE, LIGHT, BLISS BLESSINGS, TRANSCENDENCE, HEALING, PEACE, AND GRACE ~ONENESS~BLISS to You8115093654?profile=original

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Candler, NC


May 24

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My whole life i never doubted there was a god. I new i had a connection to that whatever it was. I was a painfully she child so sensitive i soaked in everyone and everythings energies , and talked about energies like a very advanced soulyet my family didnt get me they took care of me financially but i never felt i belonged to them, they really didnt likeme one bit they were very negative critical belittling abusive but they had money and fromthe outside mymother was ocd about everything seeming happy and normal .. everything was as it should be from an outsiders perspective but from where i stood i demanded truth justice equality fairness i knew what my parents were thinking my whole life ive been able to read minds built i lie detector, and as negative prejudiced and draining my homewasi always managed to healmy hurts and i had an imaginary friend they called him i knew he was there, animalstalked tome ifelt more comfortable alone with animals than in a roomwith my family, i studied every religion i could dig up from a early age i knew that some part of each one held truth to it , i started reading magic books crystal books hypnosis books astrology books i bought them read them put emon myshelforhid them depending never talked fo anyone about anything i knew to be true, i just carried on my early adulthood parties and shows and in my quite timei read one metaphysical book after the othrler for about 8yrs i felt compelled to go to the bookstore and look at krystals often.. this was way b4 i really had a powerful activation allat once2 or 3 yrs agjo and the dimensional doors ways opened. Istarted seeing an underlying war between the dark and tbhe light i all of a sudden was just getting tons of info downloaded directly to my consciousness, my intuition my clairvoyance my empathic awareness my medium abilities my exp with negative attatchments made me quickly learn the ropesof clearing them and protecting myself i started meditating deeply very rapidly i my guides developed a more active roll in my daily life i became a very good drinker or books and techniqus andthis website i was under a nother email address when this all started raining down on me ifound many of your writings very helpfuland now thatimback online i hope ican network alittle better now andhelp others who r early in their journey and i know there is so much more i will learn still the journeys starting to piece together on many levels and i look for other starseeds in my area to connect with and share . 6

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Teachers were not really close by for me i kinda just jumped in to every book or meditation or articlei couldfind that my gu ideas kinda directed me from one day or weektothe next on where to focus my energies and attention i picked info fromeverywhere i could and quickly learned dicernment .sometimes had to go down the wrong path fozr a bit to learn which one waswhere i needed to be, it was all training to learn to listen to my intuition and learn to recognize the signs and subtle communications of my guardians and guides as well as the the bombshell messages that are so exciting .

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wizanda commented on Ben-Arion's blog post Protocols of the Fifth Dimension - Conversation between Sananda & Aurelia
"This as an email blew my mind, as it starts as if addressed to Sananda... Which made me ponder you'd realized that is me. 😇
Then on reading the whole thing, was even more profound, as nothing happens by chance, and will meditate on the reflections…"
43 minutes ago
Loveall left a comment on Comment Wall
"Hello! Starseeds I 'am sending you all love 💕 and light 🕯️ . Please know this .. there is and never was a VIRUS, but there was a plan for DEPOPULATION. AND THAT WAS THROUGH THE VACCINES. ALL THEY HAD TO DO WAS TELL US THE LIE AND GET US IN FEAR 😨.…"
1 hour ago
Movella replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Power Of Love ...Indian teacher builds £195,000 Taj Mahal replica as symbol of love for his wife
"Thanks KK, all have great history and architecture.
Mostly designed by 4th ray individuals I would imagine.."
2 hours ago
Movella left a comment on Comment Wall
"That’s right Albertha, we should express our authentic selves to raise the vibes.☺️ Our true selves, and not our brainwashed selves.."
3 hours ago
Movella left a comment on Comment Wall
"The first case of Omicron was found in someone who was FULLY VACCINATED.
And how many more 1st, 2nd and boosters.. I’ve lost count, are to be recommended? Will it become a regular treat?? 🤡 They do not seem to be working very well.🤣"
3 hours ago
Albertha commented on Albertha's video
"I admit I only listen to the bits Kryon talks.
In de last channeling ,at the end ( last 5 minutes orso) he tells us all the past lives don't have to stop us anymore (if you choose so of course)
As the energy is now different in Earth.
That's so…"
3 hours ago
Albertha left a comment on Comment Wall
"Maybe our world is so fake cause we are not letting ourself Be.
( As we are fake...pretend we are something we are not. When are we dare to be our complete self....the true gods we are?
Oh help so much Light😮 I am"
3 hours ago
Krishna Kalki replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Power Of Love ...Indian teacher builds £195,000 Taj Mahal replica as symbol of love for his wife
"Taj Mahal a placed visited by many of the best in the world :
The 7 wonders of the world:
The Great Wall of China (Built 220 BC to 1644 AD)
The Taj Mahal, India (Built 1632-1648 AD)
Petra, Jordan (Built 4 Century BC-2 Century AD)
3 hours ago