July 16

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Hello everyone! So glad I found this community! :-) :-) A little bit about my 3D self first hehe ;-) I was born in Norway just outside Oslo, and grew up most of my life in Oslo. I now live in an apartment in Søndre Nordstrand - just outside of Oslo where I really thrive :-) I work with the main water supply in Bærum where my job is to detect water-leaks on the pipelines, and also some maintenance of the pipelines. But these tasks becomes in reality more like a second-job.. I work in a conservative environment with a lot of constricted thinking, and in the beginning I wondered how on earth I ended up there :S And just like in primary school, I had a hard time trying to fit inn. After a little while it became clear to me. I wasn't suposed to fit inn. My real job is to do lightwork! As long as I can remember I have been very open and sensitive, and very interested in what lies beyond our 3D world. As a child I used to puzzle a lot with the thoughts of the infinite universe, and the big questions where do we come from, why are we here, do we have a soul and so on. To be specific in why I became a member of ACC I have to tell you a little story, so I’ll hope you bear with me hehe ;-) In 2008 I started seeing the number 11, 111, and 11:11 everywhere, all the time. That’s a long story in it’s self, and a BIG wake up call for me! And in October 2013 I had a very powerful experience of expanding my consciousness, and in that state there was not a shred of doubt in my mind that we all have a soul that’s infinite, and that we have a star family out there! Then I asked the question in my mind: "Show yourself" Now that I actually was sure of their existence, I wanted so much to see them with my own eyes you know hehe :-) And within a period of six or seven weeks I had 6 sightings! And by their appearances and behaviours I was absolutely certain that this was no ordinary flying vehicle! They appeared out of the blue, and disappeared into the blue, divided from one object into two! I believe that this was a respond to my question, or/and that I had expanded my consciousness so that I could see them. Same thing I suppose. I'm not quite sure where they came from, or who they are. But in my heart it feels like they are from the Galactic Federation of Light, most likely they are pleiadians. From this experience I have learned a lot. And the most significant thing is the power of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. And the importance to be in a state of high vibrational frequencies. We really do create our reality! Love and Light

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

My Teachers is everyone I have met along my path, and everyone I will meet interacting with all aspects of my self. My Spiritual Sources: Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza, Echart Tolle, Steven Greer, Neale Donald Walsch, Abraham-Hicks, Bashar, Kryon, Semjase.

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    May love, peace and wisdom be yours, my friend!

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    Align with The Divine Within

    Align with the Divine Within
    The Occupy movement is new societal awareness yet it's grabbed worldwide attention and, when competing with long-cherished patterns of group thought…
  • thank you, lightworker! I´m also looking forward to be connected to people who feel and thing in a sort of way that i do - since there aren´t too many of them in my regular life:) Love, Nina

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lightworker commented on Akasha Light's video
"Oh my goodness, what an extraordinary beautiful message!! :-)This resonates highly with me, and reached really to the roots of my heart!So thank you so very much for sharing!Lots of Love & Light, and Pleiadian stardust!"
Oct 6, 2014
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"Hey you beautiful Pleiadian sister!
I'm relatively new here at ACC, and have just become familiar with the site.And it feels like a sort of homecoming! :DI just wanted to thank you for creating the group Starseeds from Pleiades, and for being here.…"
Sep 30, 2014
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"Thanks for your friendship Heidi :-) :-)Blessings, love and light from me! :-)"
Sep 15, 2014
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"Hi there Nina :-) And welcome to the Ashtar Community! :-)Im also new here, my profile just got approved yesterday. And it fells like a sort of homecoming :-) :-)Hope you will enjoy and connect with many loving starseeds and souls!
Sending love,…"
Sep 11, 2014

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There is a lie that goes with the idea that Africa so much depends on grain imports from Ukraine or Russia etc. It is yet another one of those seemingly endless propaganda spewing out of the Russo-Ukrainian war. This is readily accepted by the…"
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"Drekx-Nuetron bombs!
Supposedly Chicoms have neutron bombs and other weapons amassed in tunnels along their border with Russia-"
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Greetings, friends!....I am Saint Germain, and I speak to you both from my place upon the Earth in physical form, and from my vibrational resonance with the higher realms.And from my connection with the Ashtar Command, and all benevolent ET parties…
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"Red China's communist corporatist model of trade, VS Brexit Britain's liberal economics and capitalist, free markets model, for free trade....
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"The significant thing is the UK is the first accession…"
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"Red China's communist corporatist model of trade, VS Brexit Britain's liberal economics and capitalist, free markets model, for free trade....
A commentary on CPTPP by Shanker Singham....

"The significant thing is the UK is the first accession…"
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Were'nt countries in Africa a large grain exporters into the '90s?
Cicoms my broker a peace deal with Ukraine and the thought is one of the conditions would be that China would get more grain from Ukraine and the less would go to China"
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