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A sign from a goddess? What does this mean??

My family and I were out spending time by a loch. We were wandering around in the beautiful surroundings (Scotland). We found a Hindu goddess statue wrapped up in a red scarf. When we got home I looked it up, I found that it is the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi. I know it was a sign from the goddess as my son had picked a lotus flower for me beforehand, it was the only flower of that kind in the area. Now I know there was a connection with the flower and finding the statue.

We are looking for more information about what this could mean and also why the statue would have been there in the first place as we are in Scotland and this was a totally unexpected find.

Please leave comments below

Love and Light



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I have always had very vivid dreams, I have done a lot of research and begun to understand my dreams and what they mean.

For the past couple of weeks I have been dreaming about random things but in EVERY dream no matter what it is about there are ships flying around in the sky, dramatic weather changes and weird cloud formations. In the dreams I feel that all of this is normal, I am not scared or surprised about what is happening, I feel excited.

Last week I dreamed of a solar flare hitting the earth. It was so strong it shook the whole planet. I grabbed my children and we lay on the floor underneath the doorway. I reassured them that we would be ok and held them close. The shaking lasted for 5 minutes or so. After it stopped we got up and  looked out of the window where in my mind I was expecting to see devastation. There was NO devastation! Everything was dark apart from the glowing planets which were all there We were looking at the solar system from our window. The planets were aligned including the earth, we looked in wonder. We started cheering and clapping. We were so happy that it was over and we had made it!  I felt an enormous weight had lifted off of my shoulders, I felt relieved. I said to my children "That's it kids no more waiting....we have made it...we can do anything now."

I think this may have been a prophetic dream with a glimpse of sights,feelings and outcome of earth's ascension. It felt so real that I had to post it.

What's weird is I had the dream around the 20th October and there was a solar flare on the 22nd which I  have just found out about.

Please feel free to leave your comments if you have any ideas of what this may mean.

Love and Light x

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