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April 6



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  • Lakewood is a nice town from what I remember. If you got a view of the mountains keep your eyes peeled, I always saw ships cruising the mountain ranges, makes me mad that I sold my cameras, need to replace those!?
  • Love And Light *
  • Hi Leslie,

    What of Denver do you live in? (if it's not personal!?) I use to have a nice apartment on Washington St. just before you go over those briges across the stream there, though i can't remember the cross street!? Denver was a nice place I just couldn't deal with the cold anymore, having arthritis and anemia the bitter Colorado winters were doing me in, so I had to move to a warmer climate.
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leslie left a comment for Sashia Ishizu-Ishtar
"Hi Sashia,

Yes it can be very cold in the winter in Colorado. Just like it can be very hot at times too in the summer. No worries, I have nothing to hide (at least I don't think I do)? I live in Lakewood area.

Have a great night!

Jul 20, 2009
leslie commented on Lily's video
"Thank you Ramsiel!"
Jul 20, 2009
leslie left a comment for Sashia Ishizu-Ishtar

How nice to meet you. Yes I live in the Denver area. Hope you are having a very nice day too.

Take care,
Jun 1, 2009

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One of the great rock and roll memorabilia mysteries concerns Led Zeppelin and claims of their use of ancient ceremonial magic practices. If this is true, then The Four Royal Stars of Persia (and a few other noteworthy stars used in ceremonial…
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