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  • Hi Lehano44,

    Glad to make the connect. Thank you for adding me. Be in peace.
    with intent,
    much love, light and laughter,
  • Sailing through the cosmic ocean of enlightenment with great friends like you.

  • Thank YOU for your friendship May PEACE LOVE AND HARMONY Prevail oN Earth!

  • starr to starr.....let's talk for real some and blessings, lehano44 at gmail find me.
  • Hello Lehano44,

    Apologies for the late reply, I wanted to answer your question about my name. Firstly thank you for the compliment, I chose it because stars have always been a great power symbol of mine. I have three of them tattooed on my body in harmonic counterbalance. But in terms of it being a given or familial name, no I must confess, it comes direct from my unconsciousness and is only a representation of how I imagine myself ;) Hope you are well and loving every second! To magic, light and LOVE!

    xo ISTARR ox
  • Thank you for your friendship. I look forward to getting to know you better through sharing on this love filled site. Have a wonderful week and may peace and love always follow and preceed you and light your way.


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  • Thank you for add me one of your friend, may your day be filled with love, peace and harmony. Have a great day to you.

    love and light
  • Thank you for being my friend :))!

  • Welcome Iehano44,
    May your light shine always.
    You are also now invited to the Sister Ashtar Galactic Command Ning USA site below .

    Ashtar Galactic Command
    Uniting Our Star Family Ground Crew.On Spiritual Mission To Earth. A Community Of Lightworkers Co- Creating Heaven on Earth.Welcome Home
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Columbus, IN

About Yourself

I'm ready to meet others of my soul families, teammates , and ultimately my soulmate or Twinflame.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Jesus Sananda, Ashtar, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Babaji, Osho, Mother Meera, Amma, St Germaine, Shiva, El Morya, and numerous others.

lehano44 commented on LiviAthena©'s photo
"A true GoddeSS...."
Apr 18, 2010
lehano44 commented on LiviAthena©'s photo
"Beautiful eyes. Beauty inside and out. A real angel."
Apr 18, 2010
lehano44 commented on LiviAthena©'s photo
"I really like this picture and how it shows both of your sides/natures.
Love and Golden Light."
Apr 18, 2010
lehano44 left a comment for lehano44
"starr to starr.....let's talk for real some and blessings, lehano44 at gmail find me."
Feb 10, 2010

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Loveall left a comment on Comment Wall
"Hello! Starseeds I 'am sending you all love 💕 and light 🕯️ . Please know this .. there is and never was a VIRUS, but there was a plan for DEPOPULATION. AND THAT WAS THROUGH THE VACCINES. ALL THEY HAD TO DO WAS TELL US THE LIE AND GET US IN FEAR 😨.…"
41 minutes ago
Movella replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Power Of Love ...Indian teacher builds £195,000 Taj Mahal replica as symbol of love for his wife
"Thanks KK, all have great history and architecture.
Mostly designed by 4th ray individuals I would imagine.."
1 hour ago
Movella left a comment on Comment Wall
"That’s right Albertha, we should express our authentic selves to raise the vibes.☺️ Our true selves, and not our brainwashed selves.."
2 hours ago
Movella left a comment on Comment Wall
"The first case of Omicron was found in someone who was FULLY VACCINATED.
And how many more 1st, 2nd and boosters.. I’ve lost count, are to be recommended? Will it become a regular treat?? 🤡 They do not seem to be working very well.🤣"
2 hours ago
Albertha commented on Albertha's video
"I admit I only listen to the bits Kryon talks.
In de last channeling ,at the end ( last 5 minutes orso) he tells us all the past lives don't have to stop us anymore (if you choose so of course)
As the energy is now different in Earth.
That's so…"
2 hours ago
Albertha left a comment on Comment Wall
"Maybe our world is so fake cause we are not letting ourself Be.
( As we are fake...pretend we are something we are not. When are we dare to be our complete self....the true gods we are?
Oh help so much Light😮 I am"
2 hours ago
Krishna Kalki replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Power Of Love ...Indian teacher builds £195,000 Taj Mahal replica as symbol of love for his wife
"Taj Mahal a placed visited by many of the best in the world :
The 7 wonders of the world:
The Great Wall of China (Built 220 BC to 1644 AD)
The Taj Mahal, India (Built 1632-1648 AD)
Petra, Jordan (Built 4 Century BC-2 Century AD)
2 hours ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"Ah, something genuine has just come to my attention, in the midst of all the fakes...
We have Boris Johnson🤡 using genuine PROPAGANDA....Yes, it's real, this one...😤"
3 hours ago