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I have been working actively (daily) with the pleiadians for over twoyears from now. The focus has mainly been on clearing the energetic bodyand cellular levels for ascension preparation and healing the past. Mymain source of information has been the Pleiadian Workbooks /Tapeswritten by Amorah Quan Yin. I have felt that these have offered a widebasis for the working with the pleiadians. The light chambers use thesame principles as those in the Egypt once used. I have also used theLight chambers in extreme conditions such as when hiking/outdooring andeven while on the road/sailing and they have worked very well! Whathappens in a Light chamber is that your body/aura is worked on and oneusually feels these energetic shifts on ones body as they shift andclear energy. There are numerous different chambers to choose from likethose which increase the vibrational spin of the cells, those that clearthem, those which are specifically designed to balance your emotionalor mental states, clearing your glands for higher awareness and overallclarity. The process is actually pretty simple, one contacts thePleiadian emissaries of light thru a form of prayer and does one form ofa contract so that they can work with one one a daily basis/wheneverone is in need for healing (actually many star nations work with peopleon a daily basis)

-The use of Light Chambers is highlyrecommended for people wanting to accelerate their spiritual awareness-

Feelfree to ask more, I would be glad to offer more information based on myexperiences on working with the pleiadians!
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I thought I would share some of the affirmations I havedone, affirmations are a great way to increase overall wellbeing andopen up mental-emotional blocks so one can open up more to spirituality.These affirmations are a great mirror. Just by reflecting on them youcan see if you resist on them (and your divine birthright in that case)and when repeated they break the social conditioning and programmingalso and many times allows to come into your conscious minds the reasonswhy you should resist to affirmations. You may repeat them as a dailybasis by speaking them out loud with spiritual-emotional enthusiasm orrecord them on a tape and do a self-hypnosis for example. Thepossibilities are endless. Many of the affirmations I owe credit to dr.Joshua Stone who has written a fantastic ascension series (especiallyhis book soul psychology sums up most what one needs to know on thespiritual path) some of them are taken from the course of miracles andsome from yogis. The work of dr. Stone first struck me and mysubconscious mind resisted much of his "holy Stuff" until I came intorealization that it really is who we are, divine beings of God so whysettle for less or live in self-denial? (the real self) Some of them arespecial for my own life situation at the moment so feel free to modifythem of course.
(You may intensify the concentration byconcentrating on the respective points in body ie. in emotionalaffirmations, concentrate on your second chakra etc.) Soon yoursubconscious mind automatically starts to match and update your wholebelief system and different layers of your mind according to the newaffirmations.

Repeat and enjoy the results and feel free toexchange experiences!!


-Feel free to add symbols which represent each affirmation to strenghten them and to help remind
you of your divine origins during the whole day

1. I take full personal power and self discipline of my every thought, feeling, word,
action, under –and subconscious mind, my desire body, my physical body,my
inner child and every aspect of myself and my worldly life

1B I am the power, master and I myself am the cause of my attitudes, feelings, emotions and
my actions

1C I am 100% powerful, loving and balanced in each moment

1C4 Mental strength, Spiritual strength, strength of the soul!

1E I am 100 % powerful and decisive in everything that I do

1FI will never allow fear to take over me but I conquer it with courage

3. Myphysical body radiates a perfect healt at all times

4. My physical body radiates the perfect health of Christ

5. Every dayI become better and better in all areas of my life


1. I am in a 100% powerful energy field that surrounds my whole body and streams Godlike

vibrations at all times

2. I am 100% protected from other peoples negativeenergy. Other peoples negative energy gets past me like water of a ducksback

3. I am the cause and reason for my feelings and emotions, not other people! I will never
let them take advantage of my feelings ever again! My personal power isfor
myself only

5.I can listen to other people, but I internalize only that which I choose to

6. I herebychoose to fully approve of myself so I do not have to seek for approvalfrom

7. I allow my self-image to heal and strengthen

8. I will never again belittle myself to anyone!

9. I communicate with courage and absolute clarity

10. I am sexuality divine

11. I amconsciously sexual and I own my sexuality 100 %

12. My personality and my sexuality are in perfect balance

13. My sexual energies flow freely inside of me

13A My sexual energies are healing me

14. My physical body and my sexuality are in perfect union

15. I am the personality of the light of God!

16. I shall live my life up to the fullest without asking anyones permission for it!!!

17. I express myself freely!!!

18. Emotions: Live them, feel them, express them or take them under your mental

19. I hereby declare that there will be as much intensive inner and outer joy in my
life as possible!

20. I hereby accept my body as an joyous creation!

21. My intensive inner joy pours straight into my heart thus I am Gods superconscious love organism!

22. My joy is like the sun – an endless source of happiness

23. I use my creativity only to create positive things

24. When Ifeel and express intense joy I automatically attract fun-loving love andlight
beings who love the same high-vibrational frequencies

25 I cultivate spectaculare shining inner and outer beauty, radiant health, super
self-confident and self-aknowledging personality and sexuality, charismaand
well balanced manhood and femininity


  1. I am active intelligence and wisdom of God , putting God consciousness into demonstration and action on
    and in the material/earthly world

1.AI have a huge invisible cosmic backup team of a very high intellectual nature – I can
only succeed

2. I am an adult and I guide my inner adult and my inner child thru love

3. My organizing skills improve each day

4 I concentrate only on things which assist me in building my life towards the
better and I internalize only positive information

4B my past gets weaker and weaker and I am fully in the now

4C I am fearless of the past andall uneasy energetic changes are temporary and under my command

4D I remain calm when memories from my past surface because I know the positive transformational potential they contain

4E I am gradually becoming 100% courageous, totally fearless and totally calm

5 Dan tien,my inner fire , my Chi –levels and my life force increase in strengthevery day and the qualities and characteristics of my personal power becomeclearer and clearer


1.I have chosen to come on earth in the school of life and to function as a starseed
thru my free choice and I take full responsibility for my choice

1B I turn all of my challenges into spiritual victories!!

2.I have absolute trust in God and in the Divine Plan

3. I allow myself to heal completely on every level

4. I change all fear-based thoughts to spiritual Buddha/Christ/God thoughts

4B I hereby release all problems and worries into Gods hands

4C I forgive myself totally for all of my actions and have the ability toreview my past objectively

5. Each day I come to a higher understanding, finer balance, higher self-love and
appreciation. Every day I become more and more connected with my higherself
and I am fully in my personal power at all times

6. My three-fold flame is In a perfect balance at all times

7. God provides me an expert spiritual training on Planet earth, what an opportunity!

8.I allow myself to heal completely

9. I allowmy Real Self to strenghten knowing that I am born spiritual

10. I have ultimate, unconditional self-love and self –worth at all times because God
created me!

11. I am blessed as a son of God!

12. I am made in the image of God so ofcource I am worthy and lovable!

13. I am ason of God and fully know it, and I am fully deserving of unconditional
self-love and worth!

14. I am, in truth, the Christ, The buddha, The eternal self, so of course I have
unconditional self- love and self-worth!

I am success

in my superconscious mind

in my conscious mind

in my subconscious mind

in my unconscious mind

I am the Monad!

I am the Soul!

I am the light divine!

I am love!

I am will!

I am strength!

I am a fixed design!

I am forgiveness in action!
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USE OF THE RAYSEverything is made up of frequencies (different vibrations) of energy as are each of the twelve rays now on earth. Working with each Color Ray Frequency you canassimilate the frequency while clearing blocks and boundaries leading to your ascension. Know that you already work within all the frequencies already and thisinformation is provided as a tool for your conscious choice to move beyond all limitation and into the Unity Consciousness.I offer meditations as an example to call on the Rays for transformation. Please change the wording as you feel called to for yourself. It helps to be in a meditativestate, with your heart open, when you invoke the energies of the Rays for transformation.FIRST RAYRed is the color of the first ray and it rules Power and Will and is very dynamic and thrusting energy and is the means by which you advance into new territory. Itbreaks down the old and makes way for the new. Ray One energy can discipline a situation. It can balance the unlimited extension of a situation that has gone pastits appropriate point to be brought back into perfect balance.The first ray qualities are leadership and discernment, strength, courage, steadfastness, truthfulness, fearlessness, power of ruling, capacity to grasp greatquestions in a large minded way, and of handling people. From working with this ray you acquire tenderness, humility, sympathy, tolerance, and patience."I call on the First Ray of Power and Will to merge and integrate with self in the highest frequency and I release everything that is no longer in alignment with mydivine will. So Be It."SECOND RAYBlue is the color of the second ray wisdom and love. A balance must be struck between the restrictive qualities of the first ray and the allowingness of the secondray. They naturally balance each other so it can be used to balance the harshness of overuse of the first ray.All the great teachers have contained must of this unconditional divine universal love. They have literally applied the second ray to raise humanity to another level ina situation. The higher mental-conceptual areas are also reached through this ray. The Universal Mind can be entered by means of the Blue Ray.The Christ, Maitreya and the Buddha were both on the second ray, as were most of the great world teachers. Djwhal Khul is a second ray teacher as is His teacher,the Master Kuthumi."I call on the Second Ray of Wisdom and Love to merge and integrate with self in the highest frequency and I release everything that is no longer in alignment withdivine wisdom and love. So Be It."THIRD RAYYellow colored third ray of concrete intelligence. Many of the great healers of the world have a lot of third ray energies. Healing upon this ray is more than aphysical healing and raising to its heights, it can be used for holistic healing and teaching. People how have much third ray energies are always very practical.When you urgently need something done and you want it organized very well, ask a third-ray person to do it for you. Persistence is a key trait.This rays qualities are sincerity of purpose, clear intellect, capacity for concentration on philosophic studies, patience, caution, absence of the tendency to worryover small matters. The gifts acquired are sympathy, tolerance, devotion, accuracy energy and common sense."I call on the Third Ray Concrete Intelligence to merge and integrate with self in the highest frequency and I release everything that is no longer in alignment withdivine Concrete Intelligence. So Be It."FOURTH RAYGreen is the color of the fourth ray is Harmony through Conflict and it is associated with the earth and is the foundation for what lies ahead. This ray is calledharmony through conflict because we must learn to bring in the lower three rays harmoniously to use the fourth ray at its highest vibration. The great artists,musicians and dancers come from this ray - all the beings who harmoniously create earth living.The fourth ray is connected with the emotional body and solar plexus chakra. It is also very connected with physical existence. The fourth ray also has a veryreflective quality which, in a sense, forces one to look at what one hasn't finished or completed yet. In this sense it reacts rather like a mirror.The fourth ray qualities are strong affections, sympathy, physical courage, generosity, quickness of intellect and perception. The gifts acquired are serenity,confidence, self control, purity, unselfishness, accuracy, mental and moral balance."I call on the Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict to merge and integrate with self in the highest frequency and I release everything that is no longer in alignmentwith divine Harmony. So Be It."FIFTH RAYOrange - The ray of pure intelligence, and upon this ray function the great scientists of the world - those with the intelligence to penetrate deeply to the cause of asituation. They can analyze a situation, take it apart and put it back together, synthesize it, and know the best way to productively undertake a venture.They are the ones who do the conceptual work in the world. They conceive it and others bring it into being. They have the ability to conceptualize life as it would bemost productive to live it. Without this great ray, such possibilities could not be understood. This ray allows this type of understanding.The qualities of the fifth ray are justice, common sense, uprightness, independence, keen intellect. The gifts acquired are reverence, devotion, sympathy, love,wide-mindedness."I call on the Fifth Ray of Pure Intelligence to merge and integrate with self in the highest frequency and I release everything that is no longer in alignment with divinePure Intelligence. So Be It."SIXTH RAYIndigo color is the sixth ray, the ray of devotion. It is the one that has been present during the 2000 years of the Christian era. This perspective focused part of thisray allows you to experience something with great intensity. You become very devoted to it. You can attune to this ray and experience the Creator in a joyous,emotional, intense way.The qualities of the sixth ray are devotion, single-mindedness, love, tenderness, intuition, loyalty, reverence. The gifts acquired are strength, self-sacrifice, purity,truth, tolerance, serenity, balance and common sense."I call on the Sixth Ray of Devotion to merge and integrate with self in the highest frequency and I release everything that is no longer in alignment with divineDevotion. So Be It."SEVENTH RAYViolet - Often called the Violet Flame - the transmuting flame is the doorway to the higher frequencies of light and ascension. The seventh ray is now moreintensely setting in motion events to enable us to reach the highest frequencies of light. This beautiful transmuting energy is seen often in auras of those who haveentered the doorway to truth.The qualities of the seventh ray are strength, perseverance, courage, courtesy, extreme care in details, self-reliance. The gifts acquired are realization of unity,wide-mindedness, tolerance, humility, gentleness and love."I call on the Seventh Ray of Transmutation to merge and integrate with self in the highest frequency and I release everything that is no longer in alignment with myDivine Plan. So Be It."EIGHTH RAYLuminous Green-Violet color is a cleansing ray that assists you to cleanse and release old patterns of behavior and characteristics that are not productive foryou and, therefore no longer appropriate."I call on the Creator, all my angels guides & masters to assist me as I call into self the Eighth Ray of Luminous Green-Violet to cleanse and release old patterns thatare no longer appropriate for me to keep. " Thank you.NINTH RAYLuminous Blue-Green color is the Joy ray and is connected with your light body and assists you to establish contact with it using the christed part of yourself toassist. The light body is recognized and becomes available when you attune to this light blue-green luminosity. You recognize it, and joyfully you acknowledge yourown true divinity enabling the joy level to come into self and thus the connection with the light body becomes more and more apparent."I call on the Creator and my christed self, all my angels guides & masters to assist me as I call into self the Ninth Ray of Luminous Blue-Green connecting now to mylight body. " Thank you.TENTH RAYLuminous Pearl-Gray color (silver) assists you to truly recognize The Divinity of who you are when you meditate on this ray. The divine pattern is trulyestablished, truly connected by means of the tenth ray. Focus and let it be your hearts desire to establish this pattern strongly knowing that it is becoming a part ofyour conscious reality, and use this pearl-gray luminosity as the connecting point.Along with meditation you can call for assistance by saying "I call on the Creator and my christed self, all my angels guides & masters to assist me as I call into selfthe Tenth Ray of Luminous Pearl-Gray connecting me to all information and light now. " Thank you.ELEVENTH RAYLuminous Pink-Light Orange is the ray of Service and is the threshold on the upward spiral to your divine self ascension on the earth now. It is the means by whichyour pattern of divinity is actually coded into the physical. This ray enables you to lock in the changes you are seeking. Use this ray to achieve integration with yourDivine Self merging masculine and feminine polarities - using the Gold and Silver rays for this is the Key that lets you go over the threshold and solidly into thetwelfth ray and total merging.In meditation you can call for assistance by saying "I call on the Creator and my christed self, all my angels guides & masters to assist me as I call into self theEleventh Ray of Luminous Pink-Light Orange connecting me the highest vibrational light frequency now. " Thank you.TWELFTH RAYLuminous Gold is called the Golden ray and is the summit of the higher rays it is the culmination of all the lower rays merging into oneness with the Divine self. Youwill be walking in two worlds, earth and the etheric realms. What that means is that you will know what you are doing here on the esoteric level and joyfully will fullimmerse yourself in your Divine Mission. This is a creational Ray so that you are actively creating your world on a highly conscious level. Creating the "Golden Age"as you would like to see it now. Have fun with it.In meditation you can call for assistance by saying "I call on the Creator and my christed self, all my angels guides & masters to assist me as I call into self theTwelfth Ray of Luminous Gold connecting me in total oneness and complete remembrance with the Creator Source, all that is, now. " Thank you.

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