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March 15

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Have followed the story of Jeremiah and Tephi into Ireland and his subsequent removal of the Ark of the Covenant to the Pacific. Have currently put in process 200pages plus powerpoint on that topic. I am currently Constable and Magistrate of Llawhaden Palace which is over St David's Cathedral Pembrokeshire, Wales. We are direct French, British, Irish, Scottish Plantagenet magdelene descent.

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External and internal. It says in those days I will turn your heart of stone to a heart of flesh in Ezekiel I think. I asked and was given the Star of David which I found was the modern representation of a very early Mu Symbol. The Hindu use it for their Symbol of Regeneration. Pakistan use it. I have changed it to the Interlaced Heart returning the feminine to the masculine uniting the Goddess to the God force. I have also in 1995 written down the Theory of relativity blending it together with quantum mechanics and have been using the methodology for healing the planet. Have been contacted by the starbrothers and have had a guided downloaded healing from one of their starcruisers because I was ready!!! They said. I live in Australia and my friend who was facilitating and observing is living in New Zealand and has a lot of spiritual gifts. I am connected with sacred teachers of the Origine and Polynesian cultures.

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  • My dear rainbow light, I am deeply honored to be your magical arts and your kind words touched my heart many times ... all sent back to you ... like your artwork so it shows how up and down ... when we take your Ponca am totally in the center of the universe .... I am extremely blessed and also the amazing gift of thy dearly beloved Kingieff

    With deep gratitude for being a part of my rainbow light.Pure bliss in comforta nd wisdom bright part of me..
  • I am grateful for your rainbow poncho... I love so much ♥ ♥ ♥ dearest kingieff..we are in deep connection indeed...Sending you quantum rainbow hugs, thousand kisses of sun shine and miles of dolphin smiles from bottom of my (our) sacred heart..
  • I am deeply touched of your LOVE dear Kingieff. My hearts are my divine sign Thank You, much love, peace, harmony, balance, laugh, kindness, compassion, blessings and abundant joy.

  • Kingjeff, I actually felt that and realized what you meant by it. The fact is that all of us need to stay balanced. It is the only way to be truly happy.

    Life surely are interesting.
  • Thank you he is right about my heritage, but not the name. That is my spiritual name, not my human name. I have another name Helena.

    Yes healing I am doing. and I do not have all the pieces of this puzzle.

    The only water dragon I remember is the one that killed me in Agartha, for me to be born here. I refused to come, and it was a bloody battle.

    I have resented being here, and loosing my holy body. But i understand, and accept all that now.

    I have gone back to Agartha and made peace with the water dragon Salal that killed me then. We are friends once more.

    But I will wait for him, as I need to fit the last pieces into this crazy puzzle!

    Thanx for all your help.

    Love and Light
    Anush (Marshal Law)
  • Hi KingJeff

    Thanx for the picture it is very beautiful. Just one thing a Unicorn / Pegasus cross is called a Ronicon. They are not really a cross, but when a Unicorn or a Pegasus reach the highest level of consciousness. They either receive a horn or wings.

    The Ronicon is the strongest and most sacred Equine Magick Creature.

    Their tears have healing properties that heal and neutralize poisons. They are amazing warriors. To have one like that as a animal spirit, is very precious!

    It really is beautiful, my Animal spirit is a Ronicon and his name is Ceerak.

    Thanx so much!

    Love and Light
    Anush (Marshal Law)
  • Hi!Mr.Kingjeff,as you can tell,i havent beeing around lately,sorry for the time to thank you for your kind request in frienship..I´II try to be here more often,its a great site,with a lots of loving people. Namaste

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= Phree/Ma/Mothers/Son because the Mother Religion became the Top of the World 70,000 years ago and the Himalayas had the Mother Eve go to sleep. The world has been left Patriarchal. It is awakening. I will return you to the current…"
Jul 19, 2021
kingjeff commented on kingjeff's blog post Open Cross Tree of Life Interlaced Heart Christ Consciousness
"This is a gift to all who view and read and far exceeds Radionics which are a Primer. When we awaken to Who We Are........Every Cross of Life of Our Father Mother God you view and see when a Horizontal Field merges with a Vertical Field…"
Apr 1, 2021
kingjeff commented on kingjeff's blog post Open Cross Tree of Life Interlaced Heart Christ Consciousness
"This is The Open Cross with The Tree of Life merged with Interlaced Hearts the Tree of Life cleansed by
the Christ Consciousness Pink and Gold Spheres Top to Bottom and has been this way for the last 30 years
and only yesterday was I informed the…"
Apr 1, 2021
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Apr 1, 2021

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