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  • It is nice to meet you, Jason, thank you for your friendship. Keep shining that light bright! God bless you :)
  • wholenes json30471. thank u 4 the friendship. may i extend an invitation 2 u to the esoteric library that will blow u away? i see you have the bible as your guide. let me ask u, the bible touches briefly on what took place after creation, the war in the heavens, the sons of god, etc. u have part of the story, but what is missing? what haven't u been told? therein lies the problem. how can u know where u r going if u do not know where u have come from? may i suggest u check this out.


  • How 'bout this:

    In what ways are you not perfect?  If you believe that you were sent here to work on something, it would naturally follow that you would be weak in the areas that you need to work on, so that you could spend your life improving them.  I.e., if you're shy, you'll need to work on overcoming that, getting over your fear of being with people; it doesn't mean go out and just throw yourself out there, but it doesn't mean just take little tiny steps throughout your life either.  You decide.

    Of course, some people were sent just to serve, some wanted to have a nice vacation, maybe some wanted to fight something.  Or maybe soul contracts don't exist; I don't know.

  • Thank you for adding me as a friend json30471.That means much.It is good you are here my brother.You are amongst family,and we love you.Stay blessed,


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Swainsboro, GA


October 2

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im 29 years old,somewhat confused about all of this when my spritual awaking began there is still alot i dont understand ithink it was the toughest thing i ever had to figure out i felt alone like i was goin crazy,i felt i was all alone in the world,so glad i ran across this site....i feels good to know there is people that i can relate too and wont look at me as bein different

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God~my sprit guide st.michael they both have never left my side....

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"thanks man,i feel really welcome here"
Feb 21, 2011
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"thanx for the add..."
Feb 21, 2011
json30471 replied to AVI AVI AVI's discussion Who can teach me the siplest forms of MEDITATION......????????
"hey whats up i got 1 way i can suggest,it works for me i didnt ever think i would learn how to hope this helps........find a quite place i always do it in my living room or you can do while laying down,start by closing your eyes breath in through…"
Feb 21, 2011

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