February 1

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i am an artist, painter and performance art, i like freedom and peace all over the world, i do not like borders

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free people, a lot off artists, everyone can learn me somethings

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  • Thank you Johan, for your warm and open welcome and support. It has given me a great healing.

    Much love to you,



  • if your happy and you know it clap your hands .. clap clap


    see you buddy :)


    love and light

  • Ah! Prima! Loppem..  Schrijf je maar in op onze website voor de nieuwsbrief, als je wil!

    Dan hebben we weer iemand die af en toe eens 5 minuutjes energie wil sturen bij aardbevingsinterventies!


  • Hey Johan,


    Sorry voor m'n late reactie, zulle, maar 'k heb 't soms echt best druk.

    Wel, ik ben van Erpe-Mere, tegen Aalst.

    En jij?



  • Hey Johan!

    Ik zit in erpe mere! Nabij Aalst. Tjsa, best interessant forum, niet? Bij iedereen kan je gaan neuzen op de filmpjes die ze online hebben geplaatst. Best overweldigend!
  • klapt mo vloms ze pit :)
    I am adding u to msn ;)
  • See YOU! - by Adamus from Imzaia on Vimeo.

    another good one ;)
  • hey there brother from loppem :)
    I am from Brussels ;) but home in the universe :)
    Here is a guy originaly from antwerp, who does channelings.
    Tune in, u will appreciate i believe ;)

    The Akene R-Evolution | Kuthumi & co | 11-11-07 from Imzaia on Vimeo.

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johan replied to johan's discussion freedom
"thanks a lot ! John, Johan"
Jan 26, 2015
johan replied to johan's discussion freedom
"thanks very much Pamela !every answer give me a lot of new possibility's in my artwork ! thanks again ! Johan"
Jan 25, 2015
johan posted a discussion
dear friends all over the world, As visual artist and dancer I work on a new dance art project, title 2B.F3, around my research for freedom, freedom os human and as artist. Pleace can you tell me what the word freedom means to you. I really hope I…
Jan 25, 2015
johan replied to Minerv4's discussion Trouble Projecting lately.
"hallo Minerv4,
I read your text about 14 h ago. It was just hanging. You sounded so intensely. Also you picture exudes so much positive from. We are lives in periods of ups and downs. But you shine in everything so much love. Continue to radiate in…"
Jun 27, 2011

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"Well that was a few decades back, Roaring, old boy....We are now the 5th largest economy in the world and have less debt than America...or Japan, the country with which we butted heads in WW2, along with Germany and Italy..
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